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How does FSSAI work?

Broadly there are 3 kinds of FSSAI licenses recognised by the Governmentand it is mandatory for every food business to register for one.


Verification of your documents

Step 1


Filing your application

Step 2


Procurement of the licence

Step 3

A complete guide of FSSAI online registration in India - VakilSearch

Starting a food business is one of the most interesting things for a person who enjoys cooking, baking, experimenting with different types of cuisine, and one who is a big-time gourmand. However, if they wanted to do it legally there needs to be done in-depth research in the industry trends, marketing strategies, planning and also a basic understanding of the legal requirements the sector demands.

Of all the most important requirement for a food business is the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) registration which has to be done by the Ministry of Family Health & Welfare, Government of India. A valid FSSAI food license contributes to the safety and standardization of food products manufactured and sold in India.

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What is an FSSAI license?

An FSSAI was introduced to keep a tab on the quality and standards of food manufacturing, storage, distribution, sales and import of food, thereby reducing and eliminating adulteration, unhygienic practice of processing, improper collection of ingredients and more. It can be divided into three categories:

  • Basic FSSAI for all single-state businesses with an annual turnover under Rs 12 lakh
  • State FSSAI for single-state hotels, restaurants, and medium-sized food manufacturers with an annual turnover of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 crore.
  • Central FSSAI for enterprises with a turnover of over Rs. 20 crore
  • Steps to procure an FSSAI food license in India:

    The following steps have to be followed for getting the permit in India:

    Fill in the application:

    Send the form to authority:

    The required documents are:

    1. A self-attested declaration as provided in the format in Annexure 1

    2. Copies of documents provided in Annexure 2 of the Regulations.

    3. Fees prescribed in Schedule 3, depending upon the category your food business falls in.

    Other mandatory documents needed are:

    a) In case of a proprietorship company, photo ID and address proof of the proprietor, directors, or partners. Proofs should have been issued by the Government of India.

    b) List of items that need to be manufactured, procured, packaged, etc.

    c) Blueprint or layout of the manufacturing, storage or distribution facility

    d) Business name

    e) Food analysis report (as demanded by the FSSAI)

    f) Raw material source and NoC from the local municipality.

    Additional information:

    If the licensing authority requires any additional information relating to the application or if the application is found to be incomplete, the same has to be informed in writing within 15 days of your application. The remaining information has to be within 30 days from intimation, if failed to submit the application for the license would be rejected.

    Application number:

    Once the complete application is received, including the additional information (if asked for) by the Authority, an Application ID number is issued. This ID number has to be used for reference and in all future correspondence. The applicant can expect the license within 60 days of the issue of such an Application ID number.

    Inspection report

    Once the application ID is received, the Licensing Authority may direct an officer to inspect the premises in which the business has been opened as per the law. The Inspecting Officer may issue a notice, guiding on necessary steps to be taken or changes to be made the premises to ensure general sanitary and hygienic conditions. All the necessary steps have to be taken and changes to be made. The same need to be intimated to the authority within 30 days or within the time period allowed.

    License approval

    Within 30 days from receipt of the inspection report, excluding the time taken to comply with the feedback in the inspection report, the concerned licensing authority shall consider the application and may either grant a license or reject the application. However, before refusing the license application, the applicant will be given an opportunity of being heard, and if the authority still decides to reject the application, the reasons for refusal shall be recorded in writing.

    Receival of FSSAI license

    Finally, license will be issued in Format C under Schedule 2 of the regulations by the licensing authority.

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