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What's the Process for Accounting and Business Compliance?

To keep you informed about expenses, bad debts, overheads, and profitability, Vakilsearch offers accounting and business compliance services. Here's how we can make any accounting and bookkeeping worries go away for you:

Documents are Collected

We collect & verify all your documents. Then obtain the DSCs of the directors.

Step 1

Talk to our Live Experts

We respond to all of your questions & create appropriate paperwork.

Step 2

Handling the Filing process

We handle all of your filings and courier all of your documentation.

Step 3

What's the Process for Accounting and Business Compliance?

Accounting Services:

Bookkeeping is central to accounting. However, it does include the component of analysing. An accountant keeps track of transactions and then analyses the data. This data analysis assists management in making the best decisions regarding spending, conservation, and the establishment of new revenue streams. Accounting necessitates the development of analytical skills that help businesses make more informed decisions. Accounting typically includes the following components:
Managerial accounting is used to make better decisions and determine product costs.

  • Financial transaction summarization and analysis
  • Reporting the transaction to tax authorities
  • Accounting equation balancing or asset increase in the business
  • Computing the business's asset depreciation.

Bookkeeping Services:

The continuous recording of a business's financial activities is known as bookkeeping. Companies can track all of the information on their books to make important operating, investment, and financing choices with the help of effective bookkeeping.

  • A bookkeeping service offers a three-tiered strategy for creating and sustaining the overall financial management and processes of your business
  • The professional in accounting software develops the first prong. Your accounting file is created by him or her in a way that is specific to your needs and those of your company. He or she will make sure you have access to the reports and tools you require
  • There are five basic types of accounts in bookkeeping. These include equity, revenue, costs, liabilities, and assets. All of the company's resources, including its cash and inventory, are considered its assets. The company's debts and commitments are referred to as liabilities
  • The money the company brings in is known as revenue. Expenses are funds provided by the business to cover costs like payroll and utility bills. Liabilities are subtracted from the value, leaving equity.

Differences Between Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Services:

Bookkeeping Accounting
Definition Bookkeeping's primary goal is to identify, measure, and record financial transactions. Accounting is the analysis, evaluation, and communication of financial transactions recorded in a ledger account.
Decision Making The information provided by bookkeeping is insufficient for management to make an informed decision. Accounting data allows management to make key company decisions.

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Why Do You Need a Bookkeeping Service?

You can budget for your business, get ready for tax returns, keep your business organised, and much more with the aid of bookkeeping. If you want to manage your finances and prevent HMRC from showing up and causing you extra issues, you shouldn't avoid doing it. Here are seven justifications for why bookkeeping is crucial to your company.
1. Supports you in accurate budgeting
2. Keeps you tax prepared
3. Keeps records organised
4. Business targets are simpler to see
5. Complying with laws and regulations
6. Provides additional peace of mind
7. You pick things up as you go

Steps in a Bookkeeping Service

You can conduct a free TM search online on Vakilsearch’s search tool. Get in touch with our experts right away for more guidance on the same.

An online trademark search on the trademark registry can also be done on the Indian trademark database link. The trademark registry will then perform the search and send a report of any trademarks that are similar or potentially conflict with your trademark. When performing a trademark search, a company should consider the following four steps:

  • Determine whether or not they should file for a trademark
  • Understand what type of trademark they need
  • File an application with the trademark registry
  • Protect their intellectual property.

How Accounting Service & Bookkeeping Services Can Help Startups Save Money and Time?

  • Time Tracking: Using technology, a service provider can track time, even if it isn't an item that is billed to the customer. By monitoring time more effectively, you will be able to use it to drive labour cost distribution.
  • Records been fetched: Accounting and bookkeeping services offer automated optical character recognition (OCR) data collection applications that allow you to automatically insert information into your accounting system.
  • Expense management: Speed up the acceptance process and cut down on unnecessary data entry by eliminating the need to prepare and approve handwritten spreadsheets. Bookkeeping and accounting services will take care of all of these duties.
  • Keep track of company spending: It will take a lot of time and work to maintain sluggish financial records. There are a few small businesses that have messy financial statements, so the owner of those businesses is too busy managing the various aspects of the firm to spend much time on the monthly accounting.

Keeping an eye on financial records on a weekly and monthly basis is simpler than putting things off and letting them pile up.

Things to Look Out for While You Use Accounting Services and Bookkeeping Service:

Making informed business decisions requires keeping track of your finances, whether you're a startup or an established company. Services for accounting and bookkeeping are thus necessary. Tracking income and expenses is what accounting entails. Along with being knowledgeable about the company's finances, an accountant also has a responsibility to provide strategic financial advice.

The practice of keeping track of financial activities and creating financial statements like balance sheets and income statements is known as bookkeeping. A bookkeeper would ensure that staff members were properly handling payroll and filing invoices and expenses on a daily basis.

Why Vakilsearch?

Working with industry experts has its advantages since our team will keep track of any changes to the many applicable regulations and keep you informed and compliant. You will work closely with our accounting and compliance team to determine all needs and make sure the process is finished on time. Our professionals can help you with a wide range of
Basic financial consultation:
We have expert chartered accountants and financial professionals who offer basic financial consultation that your company needs.


Bookkeeping is a process of recording financial transactions and information on a daily basis. The account bookkeeping services may include payments made to suppliers, loan payments, customer invoice payments, monitoring asset depreciation, and generating financial reports.

Making accurate monthly reports and annual financial statements:

A company's financial stability is one of the main issues that creditors and investors worry about. Investors can assess the profitability and security of their investment using financial statements.
The company's financial status is disclosed in the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, which also includes a summary of assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity. Understanding the company's earnings and expenses, and how the company settles its debts and covers its operational costs, is also helpful.

Help with invoice design:

Invoices serve as a record of a business's sales transactions. They contain details about the shipment, such as the number of items, their descriptions, the total sale price and the selling price per item, the terms of the sale, the names of the buyer and seller, the amount owing, the invoice number, the method of payment, and the payment due date. Invoices create the legal rights, allowing the business to proceed legally if the client doesn't make the required payment.

Basic tax advice:

At Vakilsearch, our tax professionals give the best tax planning techniques that are appropriate for your company's structure. We provide current information while also being aware of how India's tax laws are developing.

License for cloud-based accounting software:

We use Zoho online accounting software to assist you manage your finances and business activities while remaining GST compliant.

Our accounting services are offered on the cloud, which means that you'll have 24x7 access to your accounts and can be sure of confidentiality.

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