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What Exactly Is a Pension Plan Calculator?

A retirement calculator in India is a useful tool that helps you determine how much money is required after retirement. It assists you in planning your investments so that you will have the desired retirement corpus.

The retirement income calculator displays the amount of money required to preserve your current standard of living after retirement. The retirement date calculator is used for calibrating the total retirement amount at the end of your working tenure. This includes a particular formula box where one can enter the present age and the age that they intend to retire. Make sure to select the inflation rate.

As per Zolvit experts it is always good to select 6 to 7% as interest rate per year. Subsequently you should choose the monthly income that you need as retirement. After providing all the required information the pension plan calculator will provide you the total salary required for retirement. Subsequently it will also provide information on month on month savings required to collect the desired retirement amount.

Formula for Retirement Planning Calculator

The following formula is used in financial calculator india for the retirement plans

FV = PV (1+r)^n

FV = Future Value

>PV = Present Value

>r = Expected Inflation at 6%

>n = Time to Retirement (60 years – 35 years) = 25 years

How to Use the Vakilsearch Retirement Planning Calculator

The Vakilsearch retirement planning calculator is a useful tool that calculates the annual income required to maintain your current lifestyle in seconds.

  • Type your age in years

  • Then you enter your desired retirement age and life expectancy

  • Enter the required monthly income in retirement,

  • Enter the expected inflation rate

  • Enter the return on investment (both pre and post-retirement).

  • The Vakilsearch retirement planning calculator calculates the annual income urgently needed after retirement, the additional retirement funds that must be saved, and the monthly savings required to build the fund.

Advantages of Using Vakilsearch’s Retirement Planning Calculator

  • It aids in the planning of your finances in the post-retirement years

  • The pension plan calculator will provide a clear road map for attaining your retirement goals

  • The Vakilsearch retirement calculator calculates the retirement corpus you'll need in seconds

  • The Retirement planning calculator estimates the future worth of your current expenses

  • The Vakilsearch retirement calculator assists you in planning for additional retirement expenses and increasing investments now if your retirement corpus is insufficient.

Importance of Retirement Planning

One Cannot Work forever

Most of us understand that we cannot work forever and must retire. Having a retirement fund will definitely help us in old age. There is no guarantee that suitable employment will remain available throughout your tenure. So, in order to maintain your desired lifestyle in old age, you must plan your post-retirement income source

Overcome Inflation

Having enough money and maintaining an adequate retirement fund will help you to have the same standard of life even after retirement irrespective of inflation. If you have a savings account that pays less than the inflation rate, you are technically losing money as the inflation rate rises.

Emergencies or Medicinal Costs

Your body becomes more vulnerable and prone to diseases as you age, and medical costs rise year after year. According to a study, the average retail healthcare inflation rate in India was 7.14 % in 2018-19, up from 4.39 % the previous fiscal year. Having no retirement fund may result in liquidation of assets. This is fatal for your economical health.

Tips for Retirement Planning

  • Fix a retirement age

  • Make sure to clearly estimate your post-retirement expenses as per the current income and expenses

  • Assume your future liabilities and how they will alter in retirement

Analysing your current financial situation entails the following steps

  • Tabulate all your income and expenses

  • Make a note of sections where you spend the most and try to save the money

  • Use extra cash to pay off debts, create an emergency fund, and save for retirement

  • Calculate your net worth (asset – liabilities)

  • Wind up the debt with the highest interest rate

  • Draft out an appropriate investment strategy

  • Make sure to tabulate your financial situation

  • Find out the amount that can be saved every month for your retirement

  • To determine the best allocation amount, use our investment planner calculator.

  • Conduct periodic inspection and rebalancing

  • You must monitor your investments on a regular basis to ensure you are on track toward your retirement goals.

  • It is mandatory to account changes in income expenses and retirement age while calculating the retirement plan.

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