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What is EPF?

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF), is a particular retirement benefits scheme for employees who are permanent & salaried. The EPF is perfectly handled by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The EPFO will cover any entity/firm who has 20 or more employees. There are mainly 3 schemes run by the EPFO) employees provident fund organisation.

  • 1952: The EPF Scheme

  • 1995: The Pension Scheme

  • 1976: The Insurance Scheme

Employees who are covered by the EPF scheme make a fixed contribution of 12% of their basic salary as well as the dearness allowance to the scheme. The employer should also contribute equally to the EPF scheme. Right after with the ministry of finance consultation, the EPFO Central Board of Trustees determines EPF interest rates. For FY2022, the EPF Interest Rate is set at 8.1%.

At retirement, the employee would receive a lump-sum payment that included both the employee's and the employer's contributions as well as the interest payments. Anyway, the 12% of the employer match does not get deposited in the EPF account. 8.33% of the 12 % of contribution continues to be received in the employee pension scheme account, while the remaining 3.67% will be received to the employee EPF account.

What Is an EPF Calculator?

The EPF calculator calculates the amount of funds that will build up in your EPF account at retirement and shows it to you. You can figure out the lump-sum amount easily, which combines the interest that has accrued just on investment as well as your contribution and the employer's contributions.

You can input your present age, your basic monthly wage, the dearness allowance, your EPF contribution, and your age of retirement up to 58 years in the formula box on the EPF calculator. If you really are aware of the figures, you also can input the existing EPF balance. The PF Maturity Calculator will provide the EPF funds available for retirement once after you enter the information necessary.

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How Does an EPF Calculator Work?

Every time a person submits accurate information about his or her monthly EPF deposits, the EPF calculator employs unique technology to calculate the proper amount. People can quickly determine the lump-sum amount (including employees performance, employer contribution, and accrued interest) that will accumulate in their EPF account after retirement using this PF calculator online.

Individuals must input their age, monthly wage, individual payment to the EPF, and expense accounts allowance into the formula box on the EPF calculator. Additionally, they can enter their entire balance (in case they know the figures). This calculator provides an approximation of the EPF funds that will be available to you after retirement once all such pertinent information has been entered.

Today, the process is much simpler because of the availability of online EPF calculators! The following part must be reviewed in order to comprehend the fundamentals of EPF computation and employer and employee contributions.

  • The contribution of employee for EPF is the 12% of (Basic pay + DA)

  • The contribution Employer for EPF is the 12% of (Basic pay + DA)

Take note that the employer's contribution of 12% is split into two parts: 8.33 % goes to the employee pension plan (EPS) and 3.67 % goes to the provident fund.

Let's examine the definitions of each term in the following table in order to simplify the formula above:

The TermIt’s Meaning
Basic PayThe basic pay before any further contributions
DAThe amount of take-home pay is determined by adding the Dearness Allowance to the basic income.

The calculation of interest on both employee and employer contributions at the end of the year is the subject of the following section.

For the financial year 2020–2021, the interest rate is 8.5% p.a. Hence, 8.5% divided by 12 equals 0.7083% each month is the applicable interest rate. On the opening balance for each month, this computation is made. The opening balance for the first month is 0, so the interest earned is also zero. On the first month's closing balance, which is also its opening balance, interest for the second month is calculated. For subsequent months, this calculation is carried out accordingly. To calculate the amount of interest earned each month and annually, people can utilise an EPF interest calculator.

How To Use the VakilSearch EPF Calculator?

The procedure listed below must be followed by people in order to determine the total amount they will receive upon retirement:

  • Step 1: Fill in the appropriate boxes with your present age and your retirement age, up to a maximum of 58 years

  • Step 2: Input your basic monthly wage and anticipated basic salary average annual increase

  • Step 3: Do provide a total of the employee's and employer's contributions

  • Step 4: Finally, give the interest rate that has accrued on the EPF balance (as determined by the government). The EPF calculation formula fulfils the computation and returns the information using the supplied data.

Benefits of Using the VakilSearch EPF Calculator India

  • At retirement, individuals can calculate their EPF corpus

  • They are able to ascertain the EPF corpus

  • This calculator can be used by people to estimate how much one should invest in order to receive a particular return once they retire

  • Using this calculator, anyone can establish a financial objective

  • They can also arrange their finances by modifying the calculator's factors

  • This calculator can be used by people to boost their retirement contributions

  • People can rapidly learn how much money they will have accumulated at the conclusion of their service life by using the EPF calculator 2022 2022 2022 2022 2022

  • People can increase the percentage to earn the target quantity at retirement as they gain knowledge about the EPF corpus

  • Subscribers who are aware of the EPF corpus can effectively plan additional investments

  • People can strategically plan their retirement when using this calculator.

  • If they choose to take an early retirement, they can boost their contribution.

What Must You Know About EPF Contributions?

The EPF Contribution in 2022:

Category% Of Contribution
Employees Provident Fund3.67 %
Employee’s Deposit Link Insurance Scheme (EDLIS)0.5 %
EDLIS Admin Charges1.1 %
Employee Pension Scheme (EPS)0.01 %
EPF Admin Charges8.33 %
  • Employers must contribute 12% of an employee's pay (base salary plus dearness allowance plus retention allowance) to their EPF account. The highest wage that can be used to determine the employer's contribution is Rs. 15,000 per year

  • In a similar vein, the employee makes a 12% contribution to his EPF account. The employee may, however, choose to make additional contributions to his EPF account at his discretion

  • According to the law, there is no limit on how much an employee can contribute to their EPF. The voluntary provident fund receives the excess of the mandated 12% payment (VPF). Tax-free interest income is also earned on VPF donations

  • The employer's payment does not go entirely to the EPF account, it really should be mentioned. 8.33% of the employer's 12% payment goes to the employees' pension scheme (EPS), and the remaining amount will be put to the employee pension fund (EPF) account. Additionally, the employer is under no obligation to match any VPF contributions made by the employee

  • Furthermore, the employer contributes 0.01% for EDLI handling fees, 0.50% for EPF administration costs, or Rs. 500, whichever is larger, and 0.5% for employee deposit linked insurance (EDLI)

  • The employer's payment does not go entirely to the EPF account, it really should be mentioned. 8.33% of the employer's 12% payment goes to the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS), and the remaining amount will be put to the employee pension Fund (EPF) account. Additionally, the employer is under no obligation to match any VPF contributions that employees make

  • Furthermore, the employer contributes 0.01% for EDLI handling fees, 0.50% for EPF administration costs, or Rs. 500, whichever is larger, and 0.5% for Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)

  • The EPF interest rate for the new financial year (2018-19) is 8.55%. Additionally, the interest on EPF savings is computed based on the average monthly sum

  • The central government's budget for 2018 cut the women employees' contribution from 12% to 8% for the first three years in order to encourage women to work in the organised sector and increase their take-home pay. The employer contribution, which will remain at 12% only, won't alter, though!

How To Check PF Balance?

Although there are numerous ways to check your PF account balance, let's look at four quick approaches.

1. EPFO Website:

Click 'Member Passbook' in the section for employees on the EPFO website. By entering in using your universal account number (UAN), and password, users can access the PF passbook. Including the opening and closing balances, the breakdown of the contributions made by the employee and employer are also displayed. The amount of any PF transfers as well as any PF interest generated are also indicated. Your UAN will display all of the provident fund numbers that are associated with it, if there are any. To view the balance of a particular PF account, click on the relevant member ID.

2. Unified Portal:

You can also examine the provident fund balance by opening the PF passbook after logging in to the Unified Portal with your UAN and password. You may also see the PF contributions for various financial periods.

3. Through SMS:

To view the EPF balance on a mobile device, use the SMS service. You must SMS EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 in order to use the service. Sending an SMS will be helpful in obtaining the PF balance without a UAN. The SMS should be sent to the number 7738299899, but it must be sent from your registered mobile number. After sending the SMS, you will receive information on the member's most recent PF contributions and balance that is particular to your KYC details.

4. Through a Missed Call:

Through a missed call: You don't need the UAN to check your PF balance on your mobile; you can do this using your mobile device. You must utilise the EPFO's missed call function in order to do this.

How to Transfer EPF Money Online?

Step 1: EPF can be transferred with the help of Universal Account Number (UAN), that will not alter in the case of a job change
Step 2: Complete the registration process on the official Employee's Provident Fund member portal
Step 3: Log in with the credentials that you received
Step 4: Use the same login information as before to access the Online Transfer Claim Portal and request an EPF transfer
Step 5: You can make the transfer claim online without submitting Form 13 if you are qualified to do so
Step 6: Select 'Request for Funds transfer' and provide the information for your previous employer as instructed
Step 7: Have it verified by your current or past employer
Step 8: A PIN will be sent to your mobile device when you enter the information
Step 9: Track your application using the tracking ID that was issued for you.

Benefits of EPF

The following are some benefits of the EPF programme:

  • It improves long-term financial planning and saving

  • Making a single, lump-sum investment is not necessary

  • Monthly deductions from the employee's pay are made, which over a lengthy period of time allows for significant savings

  • The compounding effect builds a sizable corpus at retirement age as the money and interest keep increasing

  • An employee may benefit financially in a crisis

  • It aids in maintaining a good standard of living and helps one save money for retirement.

  • The accrued EPF fund amount is distributed to the nominee in the event of an employee's demise in order to assist the nominee's family during this sad period.

  • Employees can access their PF accounts quickly and easily using the EPF member portal by using their universal account number (UAN)

  • When people switch jobs, they could transfer their PF account easily.

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