What is a Shareholders' Agreement?

A Shareholders' Agreement is simply an agreement governing the relationship between the shareholders of a company. These include their rights and obligations, transfer of shares, how the company is going to be run and how important decisions are to be made.

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Advantages of a Shareholders' Agreement

Clarifies Power

A Shareholders' Agreement clarifies all the powers of a shareholder and the rights you reserve as the issuer of such shares by defining the rights and liabilities of all. Moreover, it acts as a regulator of the relationship between small and large shareholders.

Makes Changes Easy

Shareholders' Agreements are perfect for small and medium companies that don't want to formally amend the constitution every time there is a small change.

Shareholders' Agreement Procedure

3 Working Days

Once you send in a request, our representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. If further details are required, we will contact you for the same. Once these are in, we will connect you to a verified lawyer, who will prepare the draft and send it to you for review within 3 to 4 working days.

2 Working Days

In case you have any clarifications or would like to make changes to the draft, the assigned lawyer will work on them. Two rounds of iterations are included in the original price.

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