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Payroll Management System

We assist you with payroll management in the following ways:

Reach out to Experts from Vakilsearch

We offer instructions on structuring employee wages and creating employment contracts.

Step 1

Track all data

We record all time off requests, absences, bonuses, and advancements.

Step 2

Employee payroll management

Paystubs for employees and income tax returns will be prepared by us each month.

Step 3

Advantages of Using Vakilsearch Employee Payroll Management System

Maintaining records of a labourer's earnings, salaries, net pay, tax deductions, bonuses, and other legal obligations like Provident Fund and ESI Employees' state insurance is known as employee payroll management. An efficient employee payroll management system ensures that workers are paid on time, which enhances the company's financial stability and reduces the risk of legal repercussions. The result is that the business is still experiencing great morale! No matter how big or small a company is, it requires a Employee payroll management system.

A reliable payroll system that complies with the both payroll and working standards is necessary for a smooth payroll process. Here are a few advantages of using our full Employee payroll management system

Boost Employee Morale:

If your staff feels their position is precarious and they aren't getting paid on time, they can start looking for other employment. Any unanticipated issues or human errors will be handled by an employee payroll management system, keeping your staff content.

LoLower Tax Bills:

Keeping track of the records of each employee can be challenging, and handling them incorrectly can be a nightmare. If you're not very careful about all of this, you can find yourself paying fines if compliance difficulties are added to the mix.

Simple Tax Reporting And Filing:

Payroll software prevents tax management errors that could subject employees to fines. It also takes care of all the business's compliance and legal requirements, which makes filing taxes a breeze.

Benefits for New Business Owners:

As a small-business owner, Instead of adding Employee payroll administration to your list of responsibilities, you can now manage the finances of your business with tried-and-true management software.

Saving Money And Time:

Payroll software is frequently made to integrate with an existing accounting system. This aids organisations in saving time and money when calculating big amounts of data. Keeping your payroll in-house will cost you much less money than outsourcing it. You'll also be able to better manage your finances.

The Two-Fold Advantage Of Vakilsearch:

With other services, you might receive excellent payroll administration software. You receive two advantages from Vakilsearch: superior payroll administration by experts and legal knowledge. In addition to managing your payroll, we offer a team of committed CAs and taxation specialists who can assist with end-to-end compliance.

An Effective Employee Payroll Management System

System Checklist

Company Records:Certificate of registration, company GST, and electronic challan cum return (ECR) document.

Payment Period: A fixed And flexible Schedule:Weekly Bi-weekly Payroll schedules that are monthly and semi-monthly.

Employee Classification:Arrange staff according to

  • Contractors/Freelancers
  • Permanent personnel
  • Cadets, and
  • Plan your payments appropriately.

Payment Conditions:To keep track of

  • Working hours
  • Office hours
  • Excess time, etc.
  • Patrol management system

Your end-to-end payroll procedures and compliances will be efficiently managed by our accounting professionals and accountancy & taxation professionals at Vakilsearch.

What Is Included in the Employee Payroll Management System

Designing The CTC Structure:The complete remuneration package that a firm pays to an employee, either directly or indirectly, is known as the CTC, or cost to the company. Basic salary, allowances, reimbursements, gratuities, annual bonuses, annual variable pay, etc. are all included in CTC.

Labor Compliance:Indian labour law controls companies, workers, and trade unions with a main focus on the preservation of employee rights. According to several labour legislation statutes, all organisations in India are obligated to follow various statutory compliances. EPF returns must be submitted by all employers each month by the 25th.

  • Contractors
  • Freelancers
  • Permanent employees
  • Interns and
  • Schedule payments accordingly.

A corporation may be fined or its officials may be sentenced to up to three years in prison for violating labour laws. Our legal experts at Vakilsearch can pinpoint the labour compliance that applies to your company and provide you with the appropriate advice. We also make sure that filings for mandatory labour compliance are done on schedule and without interruption.

Tax Planning For Employees:For those who are paid a salary, tax planning is crucial because it reduces taxes owed. Our tax experts can provide the best guidance on tax savings in accordance with the most recent revisions and standards depending on your business entity, employees' designations, and wage components.

TDS Deduction And TDS Compliance:In accordance with the Income Tax Act, each earning person or business that makes payments such as salaries, commissions, interest, etc. is obligated to withhold a portion of the total before making the payment in full. This is known as tax deducted at source, or TDS.

Establishing A Reimbursement:A reimbursement is the sum provided to cover expenses. Some companies reimburse their staff for things like business-related travel costs, medical costs, meal and entertainment costs, etc.

Vakilsearch's skilled professional assistance covers your firms' reimbursement policies from claim reporting to reimbursements. We can create the salary structure so that all tax compliances are met if you wish to define reimbursement as part of the salaries of your employees (online salary slip generator).

Writing Employment Agreements:An employment agreement outlines the terms of work as well as the rights, duties, and commitments of both parties during the employment relationship. Additionally, this agreement aids employees in developing a realistic grasp of their job duties and organisational objectives.

It also acts as evidence in the event that there is a disagreement or miscommunication between the parties. The legal paperwork experts at Vakilsearch are skilled at drafting employment contracts for your contractors, independent contractors, part-time, full-time, and contractual workers.

Creating Your HR Policy:The HR staff and top management establish the rules that all businesses must follow in order to operate. These rules may cover the employee code of conduct, their obligations to the company and to the workers, discrimination policies, what behaviours the company deems insulting, employee benefits, disciplinary measures, etc.

Based on their extensive expertise and knowledge gained from working in so many different industries and sectors, our specialists will give you the most sensible policies for your sector.

Writing a Leave Policy: As relevant, the Shops and Establishments Act and the Factories Act of the state govern leave policies. Generally speaking, there is a common provision in all state laws that establishes seven vacations for national holidays and festivals. Therefore, it is up to you to decide the amount of leaves, and our attorneys will offer advice on how to do it.

Organising Employee Increments and Appraisals: Pay increases and performance reviews encourage your staff to work to the best of their skills. They receive thorough, honest feedback on their areas of strength and need for progress through appraisals. We can help you plan how to give employees raises and performance reviews.

The Payroll Earnings Glossary:Earnings from payroll are sums given to employees in the form of different wage elements, such as basic pay, a housing allowance, and sales incentives, among others.

Payroll Withholdings:Payroll deductions are sums that an employer deducts from an employee's salary (or earnings) for things like employee benefits plans and government taxes.

Pay Variable:Variable pay, sometimes referred to as risk pay or pay for performance, is a form of compensation that, in contrast to fixed pay, must be achieved on a continual basis. Variable pay is not promised and is only awarded when certain employees, groups, or the organisation overall achieve certain qualitative or quantitative goals.

Cost To Company (CTC):Cost to firm is the sum of all advantages, both financial and nonfinancial, that an employer provides to a worker over the course of a year.

Lowest Salary:Your base pay, commonly referred to as your basic wage, is the initial and most significant component of your compensation plan. The calculation of several additional compensation components, such as HRA, Ppf, Gratuity, ESIC, and others, is done as a percentage of base pay.

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA):A salary component that employers put in employees' CTCs to help them save tax on the amount they spend on domestic travel while they are on leave from work is known as a leave travel allowance (LTA) or a leave travel concession.

Medical Benefits:Medical allowance is a set benefit that is given by an employer to a worker in the form of a monthly salary; workers are not required to provide any documentation to receive the benefit.

Motivator Pay:The additional pay provided to employees for meeting predetermined goals or targets is known as incentive pay, and it is directly related to each employee's performance at work. Gross Salary is a company's real payment to an employee, net of any deductions, is known as the gross salary.

Take home salary:What you receive in your bank account is your last salary, also called compensation, in-hand pay, or net pay (or through cheque or cash).

Paid Holiday:Paid leaves are those times when you take time off from work but still get paid.

Steps Involved in Employee Payroll Management Process

No matter the method used by organisations to manage payroll, the procedure typically includes three steps:


In accordance with established corporate policies and legal requirements, employers collect pertinent information for the pay period, such as the number of hours worked by non-exempt workers, exception time (such as vacation, sick leave, jury duty, etc.), and employee modifications, such as new employees, separations, salary increases, or modifications to advantage deductions and tax withholdings. After being checked, this data is utilised to process payroll.


Employers compute the overall gross pay that each worker earned during the pay period, deduct taxes and other expenses, and arrive at the employee's net pay. For the same period, they also incur their own tax liabilities.


Employers handle any connected payments, such as wage withholding orders, reconcile their payroll, deposit their taxes by the deadline, and reconcile their payroll. Furthermore, they pay their staff and provide them with a pay stub or salary statement, as required by most jurisdictions.

Advantages Of Vakilsearch Employee Payroll Management System

  • Faculty Record Maintenance:The HR department can maintain track of each faculty member's personal information, educational background, certifications, and other information thanks to this school software. There is no need for the labour- and time-intensive paper records!
  • Payroll processing from beginning to conclusion:Vakilsearch Employee payroll management system streamlines the entire payroll process and lessens the workload for employees
  • Faster Payroll & Salary Calculation:The faculty management system synchronisation makes the pay computation process automatic, rapid, and simple
  • Indian Payroll Laws:The payroll system operates in accordance with the rules established by the Indian government
  • Enhanced Data Security:Enables organisations to specify user roles and grant workers managing payroll system access depending on those roles, enhancing data security

Why Choose Vakilsearch For Employee Payroll Management?

Our team of accounting experts and payroll specialists collaborate closely to determine and manage the payroll for your company by giving:

  • Customised solutions for all enterprises
  • Employee payroll management and related compliance will be handled easily thanks to committed accountants and tax specialists and the newest high-end payroll software
  • Everything, including employee compensation and PF payments, is made in line with your firm's payroll cycle
  • In addition to EPF registrations, TDS returns, and IT returns, our legal experts also handle other labour compliances
  • Using an electronic system, you can create and carry out pay orders as well as keep track of the information on new hires.
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