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Why should I use Vakilsearch for website development or building a website?

Vakilsearch provides full stack web development options that you can choose from. It is affordable and can be started in just a few clicks.

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Apart from helping your business with all legal compliances Vakilsearch is now here to help you out in the digital space. Yes, we offer the best website development services in India. Whether it is a business in the initial stages or you are a full fledged eCommerce firm it doesn't matter. We will help you to set up your website in the most professional way. Apart from this we provide clear support throughout the tenure. All you just have to do is reach out to our web development team and get a free quotation!

Website Development Services in India - an Overview

In this present era companies can function even without an office but never without a website. A proper website is the first step to establishing your business online. Based on the recent study, up to 75% of customers expect brands to have a proper website. Website development is not an easy task. Web development demands a lot of IT skills and software knowledge. Vakilsearch has initiated web development services at the most affordable prices. All you have to do is get in touch with our experts and provide all your web requirements. Our web development experts will initiate the process as per your request.

E-Commerce Website Development

An eCommerce website is like a retail store and is a bit different than a regular website. E-commerce website development involves integrating multiple factors like payment gateway, product listing, and other customer queries. Our web development experts can effectively help in e-commerce website development based on your needs. There are different types of e-commerce websites optimally designed for multiple goals. Our web development experts are adept when it comes to eCommerce development. We can complete the e-commerce website development and design without much hassle.

Types of Web Development services offered by Vakilsearch

Front-End and Back-End Web Development

Everything that you see on the website is called the front end. Initially the front-end web development is conducted. This step involves finalising the type of fonts, icons, and images based on your brand voice.

The back-end represents a particular code that is used to connect the website and the server. Back-end web development makes sure that the data flows accurately throughout the website and the transactions are up to the mark. Common programming languages like Java are utilised for completing this process. It is mandatory to have an expert to complete back-end web development as it requires coding and IT knowledge.

Our Web Development Technologies

The majority of web pages and web apps on the client-side support JavaScript, which is the primary web language. This means that while server-side technologies vary, web technologies are primarily based on JavaScript (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, or even server-side JavaScript Node.js).

Web Development Process (Infographics)

Step 1: Collecting Information

Step 2: Planning

Step 3: Design

Step 4: Development

Step 5: Testing

Step 6: Launch

Step 7: Maintenance

Vakilsearch provides a complete package

What Does Vakilsearch Web Development Package Offers?

Vakilsearch offers the best web development services with complete support from experts. Our team of experts can help in web development and e-commerce website development. Here are some of the features covered based on choosing our web design and development services.

Web Development Services

You get to choose your website type starting from basic, lite, and Pro. Based on your choice the following features will be provided.

  • Custom made static or dynamic page design
  • Multiple pages design
  • Sliding banner
  • Contact form
  • Gallery
  • Mobile design
  • Control dashboard
  • Basic SEO
  • Web protection
  • Domain mail
  • Gmb, Map, and social media integration
  • Revisions
  • Content update
  • Domain and hosting.

E-commerce Website Development

Based on your business type you get to choose from three different packages namely starter, advanced, and premium. As per your choice you can enjoy the following e-commerce website development features.

  • Online store
  • CMS
  • Web Template
  • Product hosting
  • User management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Invoice generation
  • Revision
  • Sales report generation
  • Payment gateway
  • Main banner
  • Offer code or promo
  • Banner management
  • SMS alert
  • Admin panel
  • Social media
  • Product Listing
  • OTP authentication
  • Domain and hosting for a year

Advantages of Getting a Website Developed for Your Company

Creates an Online Presence

The website is like a 24/7 store that is always open and ready to be accessed by customers throughout the world anywhere, anytime. Customers can view your products and services even after business hours. They can readily reach out to your business through the website , you can also initiate chat bots to make the process much easier. This increases the chances of greater conversion and adds up to business growth.

Creates a Customer Base

Having a proper website developed for your business can effectively promote communication between you and the customers. You can collect all the information of the customers using a website. Vakilsearch provides professional web development services with zero data breaches. So technically all your information is safe.

Enhances Trust and Credibility

There is a major crowd present online. So having a website can effectively increase credibility and visibility to the customers. A website can help in sharing crucial information about the business and make sure that the customers get what they want. Hiring the proper web design and development team can help you to achieve proper results.

Expand Your Market

Having a professionally built website can definitely help in promoting your business globally. A website is accessible by anyone, anywhere,anytime from all around the world. So this will help you to break geographical barriers and take your business to potential customers throughout the world.

Easy Advertisement

Web development for your business can effectively open ways for conducting advertisement through online. SEO and online advertisement helps build awareness and takes your service to specific customers. This is more beneficial than retail outlets.

How We Differ From Other Companies

Vakilsearch has the best team of full-stack web developers and experts in E-Commerce development. We provide complete packages for overall web development. The basic website designs start at just ₹5999. Get in touch with our web development experts at vakilsearch and initiate your website development. Easily resolve your queries by fixing an appointment with our web development experts.

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