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FSSAI License Renewal After Expiration

India's Food Safety and Standards Authority It is the most important food business legislation in India, implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India. Food business operators must apply for an FSSAI license 120 days before their food registration or licence validity expires.

For one to five years, your FSSAI licence is valid.The application for the food licence renewal (renewal of the FSSAI licence) shall be submitted using either Form A or Form B before 30 days of the current registration expiring. You will be charged a late fee of Rs. 100 for each day your application was postponed if you apply after the deadline has passed. The business owner is required to end all current commercial operations on the property once the food licence expires.

Your FSSAI licence must be renewed before it expires; otherwise, a new licence application will need to be made.

FSSAI Registration Categories:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration: This FSSAI registration renewal is required for small businesses or startups, including petty food producers and small-sized manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, merchants, marketers, wholesalers, etc., who have an annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakhs. The Basic registration can be upgraded to a State licence if your sales graph improves.
  • FSSAI State License: For tiny enterprises or startups, such as petty food producers and small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, merchants, marketers, wholesalers, etc., who have an annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakhs, this FSSAI registration renewal is necessary. As your sales graph improves, the Basic registration can be upgraded to a FSSAI State licence.
  • FSSAI Central License: For tiny enterprises or startups, such as petty food producers and small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, merchants, marketers, wholesalers, etc., who have an annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakhs, this FSSAI registration renewal is necessary. 

Who Needs a Food License Renewal?

the following people require the FSSAI renewal process:

  • Hotels
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturers 
  • Distributors
  • Processors 
  • Packaging 
  • Storage
  • Wholesalers
  • Restaurants
  • Food Flow
  • food vendors and distributors
  • Dairy production and processing
  • Canteens in businesses, colleges, hospitals, or government institutions
  • Transporters who move products from one place to another

Important Information for FBO

  • This provision of filing a renewal application after the expiration date shall be subject to the licenced food maker or importer electronically submitting the required Annual Returns via FoSCoS.
  • The renewal period shall not exceed 80 days beyond the date of the initial expiration.
  • In the time between the first expiration date and the granting of the renewed licence, FBOs may not operate any food businesses. A violation of Section 63 of the FSS Act, 2006 will cause penalties and punishments for any food business operated.
  • When a renewed licence or registration is granted, a new validity date will be created.
  • The policy will remain in effect until the FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Amendment laws are operationalized in 2021.
  • FBOs can take advantage of the policy and apply for license/registration renewal through the Food Safety Compliance System, or FoSCoS, if their licence or registration has expired within the last 180 days of the date this order was issued.

How Do I Reapply For My Food Licence?

In India, all food business operators (FBOs) must be licensed by FSSAI. Manufacturers, carriers, distributors, retailers, food hawkers, etc. should all have this licence. As required by the FSSA Act of 2006, individuals who wish to launch a food business must get a food licence from the FSSAI administration. It is crucial to start the FSSAI licence renewal process before the current one expires, just as it is crucial to get the licence.

Process for renewing a FSSAI licence – Complying with regulatory requirements is crucial if you want to provide consumers with goods that are safe to eat. According to FSSAI guidelines, all food business owners have 30 days before the existing food licence expires to petition for the renewal of the licence.

The Steps For Renewing a Food Licence

We at ADCA can assist you in gathering all the paperwork needed for the renewal of your food licence in Bangalore. Following is the procedure for renewing a FSSAI licence:

  • Fill out Form A (Basic FSSAI Registration) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI Registration), depending on the prior license, with the self-attested documentation required by the Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations/Laws.
  • The authority will inspect the application once it has been completed.
  • The authority deputises its personnel to investigate the establishment.
  • The FSSAI officer will investigate and inspect the food business thoroughly before creating a report.
  • The authorised authority must issue a FSSAI/Food licence within 60 days.

New Policy for Renewing the FSSAI License/Registration after the Expiry Date

In order to support the continuity of food businesses under the same license number beyond the expiration date, the Food Authority has approved the option for Food Business Operators to renew their FSSAI License/Registration even after it has lapsed, subject to specified penalties.  During the first 90 days from the original expiry date, a penalty of three times the current annual license/registration fee will be applicable. Subsequently, from the 91 to the 180 day after the original expiry date, an additional penalty of two times the existing annual fee (totaling five times) will be imposed. This initiative aims to provide flexibility for businesses to renew their licenses even after the expiry period, albeit with the prescribed penalties.

Documents Required To Update a Basic FSSAI License

  • An image of the applicant the size of a passport, serving as verification of their identity (Voter ID card or Aadhar Card)
  • Copy of a PAN card as proof of address (Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Electricity bill, Gas bill)
  • If you are the business owner, please attach a copy of the rental agreement and the landlord’s letter of NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Documents Needed To Renew a Central Or State FSSAI Licence

The following must be included as an attachment to the Form for FSSAI License Renewal, besides Form B being fully completed and officially signed:

  • Picture of the applicant, partner, director(s), or allowed signatory.
  • Address verification for the applicant, partner, director(s), or allowed signatory.
  • List of directors with proof of identification; diagram of the food processing facility; list of food categories for manufacturers;
  • The name and quantity of equipment, along with its installed capacity and horsepower, must be included if the applicant is a manufacturer. a copy of the MOA and AOA, or a partnership deed. Authorization letter from the manufacturer allowing the designated individual to act on his behalf.
  • Proof of ownership is crucial (Electricity bill, sales deed etc.) In the event of a central licence.
  • a voided check.

Besides the aforementioned, the following are also necessary for Central FSSAI License renewal:

  • certificate from the ministry of commerce for 100% EOU;
  • IEC publications published by DGFT;
  • Every Service
  • Services for Business Establishments
  • Business Law and Related Services
  • Auditing and assurance services related to taxes
  • Services for Accounting & Compliance
  • pay stub services
  • Services for CFO

Late Fee For FSSAI License Renewal

If a licence renewal application is not submitted until 30 days before the licence expires, the FBO will also pay a late fee of Rs. 100 per day.

Note that registration exempts you from paying the late fee.

The FSSAI’s new policy for extending licences and registrations after their expiration dates

In order to support food businesses continuing with the same licence number even after the expiration date, it has been decided, with Food Authority permission, to allow food business operators to renew the FSSAI License/Registration even after the expiry date with the following penalties.

Between the first and 90th days following the first expiration date, the annual licence or registration price will increase by three times.

Between the 91st and the 180th day following the first expiration date, pay an additional two times the current yearly license/registration price (for five times).

How to Apply for FSSAI License renewal?

Navigate to “Renewal” and choose “Apply for Renewal of license/registration” from the official Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) website after signing in.

There will be a list of all issued licences and registrations for renewal. Against the application that the user wants to renew, click “Proceed.”


  1. Only 120 days prior to the licence expiration date may a licence or registration certificate be designated as eligible for renewal.
  2. Once the FSSAI License/Registration Certificate has expired today, the License/Registration Certificate won’t be displayed here for renewal (Original expiry of 180 days). Apply in that scenario.

The following phases on the Form B, Application Details page will be editable or not editable:

  • Conditions: Non-editable.
  • Selection of Products: Non-editable.
  • Communication specifics: All fields except the registered address are changeable.
  1. You must upload documents that must be submitted.
  • Payment: Based on the user-selected year(s).
  • Reminder: Only renewal fees are assessed if a licence renewal request is submitted 90 days prior to expiration. Besides renewal payments, there will be a fine of Rs. 100 each day beyond 90 days.
  1. A receipt including a fresh 17-digit registration number will be generated following payment and can be used as a reference in the future.
  2. Click “Renewal of License and Registration Fee: Same as new License/Registration,” on the webpage.


To keep the business running, the FSSAI License renewal should be done before it expires. If your food licence is about to expire, remain alert and remember that you must apply 30 days before the FSSAI licence or registration expiry date. Vakilsearch provides significant and important information in the context of the same, so if you want to know more about this, connect with this platform. 


Can we renew FSSAI license after it expires?

Yes, renewal is possible after the expiry, subject to penalties.

How can I reactivate my FSSAI license?

Reactivation is possible through renewal with applicable penalties.

What is the maximum late fee for FSSAI?

The maximum late fee can range upto ₹100 for each day.

What is the maximum time for grant of FSSAI license after applying?

The grant period varies; timelines are typically specified by the FSSAI authorities.

What is the validity period of FSSAI?

The validity period varies based on the type of license, typically 1 to 5 years.

What is the time period of food license?

The time period depends on the type of license, ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Is FSSAI required for homemade food?

Yes, FSSAI registration is required for individuals involved in selling homemade food.

What are FSSAI registration fees?

Registration fees vary based on the type of FSSAI license.

Who is exempted from FSSAI license?

Small-scale food businesses with a turnover below a specified limit are exempt.

What is the penalty for annual return of FSSAI license?

The Regulations state that FBOs shall pay a fine of ₹100 each day of default, beginning on the next day of the due date, if they fail to file the FSSAI returns by the specified deadline.

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