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Starting a business in Singapore is a challenging yet exciting proposition. While the law in Singapore is very business friendly, there are lots of legalities and red tape that need attending to, which means you need the experts from Vakilsearch on the job.

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How to Incorporate a Company in Singapore?

Company formation in Singapore is quick, easy, and can be done online with Vakilsearch in 3 simple steps:

We address all your queries about company incorporation in Singapore.

Step 1

We assist you in completing the whole filing and registration process.

Step 2

We help you with the formalities and compliances that follow registration.

Step 3

Register Company in Singapore for Foreigner - An Overview:

Singapore is now the best place to start a business if you want to expand your worldwide reach. Because of its robust yet friendly investment and trade regulations, Singapore is recognised as one of the best countries in the world to do business. Company registration is required for the company's owners. In Singapore, forming a company is simple and inexpensive.

Singapore is placed second in the Ease of Doing Business Report 2020, which serves as a benchmark for foreigners and locals interested in forming a company in Singapore. According to Singaporean legislation, foreign corporate entities or foreign individuals are not permitted to register as a business in Singapore. For company registration in Singapore, they must use a local expert business.

Types of Singapore Business Entities

The following is a basic rundown of the many forms of business entities in Singapore:

  • Private limited company
  • Limited liability company
  • Subsidiary company
  • Branch office
  • Representative office

Private Limited Company Registration in Singapore

A private limited company in Singapore has a different legal position from its owners and directors, who have limited accountability for the business's debts and losses. The owner of this business entity has the right to own property.

Minimum Setup Requirements:

  • A single individual/corporate shareholder
  • One resident director is required
  • One company secretary
  • Paid-up capital of one dollar
  • One registered address

Limited Liability Partnership Registration in Singapore

A limited liability partnership combines the benefits of a private limited company and a partnership to provide you the maximum freedom while keeping your legal entity independent from your partners.

Minimum Setup Requirements:

  • A minimum of two partners is required
  • A full-time resident manager
  • A registered address

Setting up Subsidiary Company in Singapore

A subsidiary company is a private limited company that is owned by an external business entity. This external corporate entity may possess 10% of the company. A subsidiary company in Singapore enjoys the same benefits as a Singapore-based private limited company.

You can either apply for a Singapore work permit and relocate to Singapore, or you can appoint a nominee director and administer your business from outside.

Minimum Setup Requirements:

  • A single individual/corporate shareholder
  • A resident director is required
  • A company secretary
  • Paid-up capital of one dollar
  • A registered address

Company's Branch Office Formation in Singapore

A branch office is a non-Singapore-based growth of a foreign corporate entity. Because it is a non-resident, it is not eligible for tax exemptions like other Singapore private limited companies. You must apply for a Singapore employment pass if your company desires to move or send staff to Singapore to conduct business.

Minimum Setup Requirements:

  • A corporate shareholder
  • A local agent
  • A registered address.

Business Representative Office in Singapore

A representative office is a temporary structure that cannot last for more than three years. This permits foreign corporations to temporarily move to Singapore to explore and interact with local distributors as well as analyse the market. To relocate, you'll need a Singapore employment pass.

Minimum Setup Requirements:

  • Sales turnover must be greater than $250,000.
  • Must have been in business for at least three years
  • The proposed R.O. personnel must be not more than five employees

Documents Required for Registering a Company In Singapore

For registering your company in Singapore, we will require the following documents from your end.

  • Company name
  • Brief description of business activities
  • Shareholders
  • Particulars
  • Directors’ particulars
  • Registered address
  • Company secretary particulars
  • Memorandum of Association(MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA).


  • On-Residents (Foreigners) - Copy of passport, overseas residential address proof, and other KYC details such as a bank reference letter, business profile, etc.
  • Singapore Residents - Copy of Singapore identity card.

Key Factors of Company Registration In Singapore

Liability/Legal Entity

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an organisational form is the liability structure. It is beneficial for both the business owner and the firm if the two are legally different entities. This will provide for a limit on what/who is responsible for any company indebtedness.

Ability to Grow

A long-term goal for every business is to continue to grow, thus owners must assess which organisational structure will allow them to broaden their horizons and enter new markets or products/services.

Cost of Setting Up

If the business is a startup, it's important to consider the amount of capital available to register in Singapore.

How Can Vakilsearch Assist?

When forming a company in Singapore, it's important to choose the right business structure. Thousands of businesses like yours, have chosen Vakilsearch to set up their business in Singapore and break into a new market, and our team up with the InCorp Group will give you the best company registration experience a foreign company could hope for in Singapore. With service standards that are client-centered, reliable, and ethical, we will always be here to guide and support you.

  • Our goal is to remove the barriers to interacting with traditional financial institutions and government agencies, such as paperwork and bureaucracy.
  • We believe in making things easier for small businesses so that they may focus on building their business rather than being overwhelmed by administrative responsibilities
  • Our skilled partners manage everything for you in a timely and efficient manner.
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