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All HS Codes or HSN Codes for 17 with GST Rates
Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form
HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
170111Parts of lamps and lighting fittings, illuminated signs and nameplates and the like, n.e.s. Products Include: Led Strip 5%
170112HANGNG LMPS COMPLETE FITNGS Products Include: Tubelight 5%
170113OTHER ELECTRIC LAMPS AND LIGHTING FITTINGS Products Include: Led Module, Solar Module/Panel, Fob Machine, Solar Light, Uv Lamp, Tubelight 5%
170114SOLAR LANTERNS/LAMP ETC Products Include: Solar Battery 5%
170191ILLUMNTD SIGNS, NAME PLTS ETC OF OTHR MTRL Products Include: Acp Sheet 5%
170199OTHR PARTS OF LAMPS AND LIGHING FITTINGS Products Include: Tubelight, Heat Sink Parts, Candle Holder , Sugar Powder5%
17011110*OTHR PREFABRICATED BUILDINGS Products Include: Fiberglass 5%
17011120DOLLS OF PLASTIC Products Include: Drone, Car Spare Parts, Baby Carrier 5%
17011190Other Products Include: Display Stand, Plastic Toys Baby Walker,Wristband, Electric Scooter, Drone 5%
17011200ARTICLES FOR CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES Products Include: Plastic Beads 5%
17011310OTHERS(CRNVL AND ENTRTNMNT ARTCLS ETC) Products Include: Plastic Cup 5%
17011320Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics, athletics, other sports, incl. table-tennis, or outdoor games, not specified or included in this chapter or elsewhere; swimming pools and paddling pools Products Include: Yoga Mat 5%
17011390ICE SKATES AND ROLLER SKATES,INCLUDING SKATING BOOTS WITH SKATES ATTACHED Products Include: Skateboard , Raw Sugar, Jaggery Powder5%
17011410BOXING EQUIPMENTS Products Include: Velcro 5%
17011420OTHER GYMNASTIC/ATHLETIC REQUISITES Products Include: Electric Scooter, Treadmill, Boxing Gloves, Yoga Mat Pvc, Exercise Equipment 5%
17011490OTHER SPORTS EQUIPMENTS Products Include: Pvc Yoga Mat, Elastic Band, Aroma Diffuser, Trophy 5%
17019910TOOTH BRUSHES Products Include: Toothpaste, Electric Toothbrush 5%
17019990SAVNG,HAIR,NAIL,EYELASH AND FR PRSONAL USE,CONSTUTNG PRTS OF APPLNCS Products Include: Electric Toothbrush , Brown Sugar, White Refined Sugar, Icumsa 45 Sugar, Sugar Powder5%
Other sugars, incl. chemically pure lactose, maltose, glucose and fructose, in solid form; sugar syrups not containing added flavouring or colouring matter; artificial honey, whether or not mixed with natural honey; caramel
Molasses resulting from the extraction or refining of sugar
Sugar confectionery not containing cocoa, incl. white chocolate