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Tube or pipe fittings "e.g. couplings, elbows, sleeves", of iron or steel

HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
730711Tube or pipe fittings of non-malleable cast iron ,Products include: Di Fittings18%
730719Cast tube or pipe fittings of iron or steel (excluding products of non-malleable cast iron) ,Products include: Stamping Parts18%
730721Flanges of stainless steel (excluding cast products) ,Products include: Stainless Steel Bolt18%
730722Threaded elbows, bends and sleeves of stainless steel (excluding cast products) 18%
730723Butt welding tube or pipe fittings of stainless steel (excluding cast products) 18%
730729Tube or pipe fittings of stainless steel (excluding cast products, flanges, threaded elbows, bends and sleeves and butt weldings fittings) ,Products include: Hose Nipple18%
730791Flanges of iron or steel (excluding cast or stainless products) 18%
730792Threaded elbows, bends and sleeves, of stainless steel (excluding cast or stainless products) ,Products include: Steel Rebar18%
730793Butt welding fittings of iron or steel (excluding cast iron or stainless steel products, and flanges) 18%
730799Tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel (excluding cast iron or stainless steel products; flanges; threaded elbows, bends and sleeves; butt welding fittings) ,Products include: Etp Plant18%
73071110SPONGE IRON CAST FITTINGS ,Products include: Gi Elbow, Gi Nipple, Gi Saddle Clamp18%
73071120SG IRON CAST FITTINGS ,Products include: Di Fittings, Di Fittings18%
73071190OTHERS NON-MALLEABLE CAST IRON ,Products include: Ductile Iron Pipe, Ms Coupling18%
73071900OTHER CAST FITTINGS ,Products include: Hydraulic Pipe, Ms Bush, Stamping Parts18%
73072100FLANGES OF STAINLESS STEEL ,Products include: Ss 304, Ss Flanges, Male Connector, Stainless Steel Bolt18%
73072200THREADED ELBOWS,BNDS AND SLEVS OF STNLES STL ,Products include: Ss Fittings18%
73072900OTHER FITTINGS OF STAINLESS STEEL Products Include: Pvc Bend, Upvc Pipe, Butterfly Valve, Ss Pipe Fittings, Ss Reducer, Gi Tee, Hose Nipple18%
73079110GALVANISED ,Products include: Ms Items18%
73079190NON-GALVANISED ,Products include: Ss Flange18%
73079210GALVANISED ,Products include: Galvanized Steel Pipe18%
73079290NON-GALVANISED ,Products include: Rebar, Rebar Coupler, Ss Elbow, Steel Rebar18%
73079310GALVANISED 18%
73079390NON GALVANISED Products Include: Ms Pipe, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe18%
73079910GALVANISED ,Products include: Gi Clamp, Galvanized Steel18%
73079990NON-GALVANISED Products Include: Hydraulic Hose, Ms Flange, Fuel Injector, Shackle, Adapter/Adaptor, Ferrule, Rcc Pipe, Connection Pipe, Hose Box, Hex Nipple, Hydraulic Fittings, Quick Release Coupling, Ss Tube, Etp Plant18%