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Fixed vegetable fats and oils, incl. jojoba oil, and their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified (excluding soya-bean, groundnut, olive, palm, sunflower-seed, safflower, cotton-seed, coconut, palm kernel, babassu, rape, colza and mustard oil)

HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
151511OTHERS Products Include: Electronic Item 5%
151519MOTOR STARTERS FR A.C.MTRS RUNNING AT CONSTANT SPEED AT ABOVE 1000 VOLTS Products Include: Copper Lugs , Dalda Ghee5%
151521OTHERS Products Include: Cable Gland 5%
151529Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for making connections to or in electrical circuits, e.g., switches, relays, fuses, surge suppressors, plugs, sockets, lamp holders and junction boxes, for a voltage = 1.000 V (excluding control desks, cabinets, panels etc. of heading 8537) Products Include: Wifi Adapters, Smart Card Reader, Copper Lugs, Tubelight 5%
151530Electrical apparatus for switching electrical circuits, or for making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a voltage = 1.000 V (excluding fuses, automatic circuit breakers and other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits, relays and other switches, lamp holders, plugs and sockets) Products Include: Wifi Adapters 5%
151540HIGH RUPTURING CAPACITY FUSES Products Include: Ferrule 5%
151550OTHERS Products Include: Electric Meter And Spare Parts (Tools, Gloves, Tool Box, Welding Cables, P. Cutter Etc) , Refined Rice Bran Oil5%
151560MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKERS Products Include: Copper Lugs, Electrical Spares 5%
151590OTHERS Products Include: Mccb, Electronic Item , Deepam Oil5%
15151100OTHER RELAYS Products Include: Armature 5%
15151910OTHR SWITCHES Products Include: Solenoid, Power Adapter, Photoelectric Sensor, Joystick, Poe Switch, Vga Cables, Ethernet Switch, Buzzer , Dalda Ghee5%
15151990PLUGS AND SOCKETS OF OTHER MATERIALS, Products Include: Smart Card Reader, Welding Cable Socket, Bnc Connector, Usb Hub, Cable Gland, Rj45 Connector 5%
15152100Connectors for optical fibres, optical fibre bundles or cables Products Include: Welding Cable 5%
15152910OTHER APPRATUS OF HEADING 8536 SPEED INCL REVRSNG STRTRS AT <=60 VOLTS Products Include: Aluminium Lugs 5%
15152990JUNCTION BOXES (BUS BAR) Products Include: Molar Module/Panel 5%
15153010OTHER Products Include: Wire Harness, Welding Cable Holder, Wifi Adapters, Welding Cable, Smart Card Reader, Copper Lugs, Cctv Cable, Extension Board, Bnc Connector, Jumper, Adaptor, Electrical Actuator, Cable Gland, Battery Terminal Parts 5%
15153090BORDS ETC FOR A VOLTAGE<=1000 VLTS Products Include: Lcd Pannel, Joystick, Extension Board, Mccb, Electronic Item, Servo Drive, Touch Panel, Variable Frequency Drive Vfd , Deepam Oil5%
15154000Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus of heading 8535, 8536 or 8537, n.e.s. Products Include: Electric Items, Copper Lugs 5%
15155010BORDS,PANELS,CONSOLES ETC.FR INDSTRL USE Products Include: Cat6 5%
15155091OTHER PARTS OF HDG 8538 Products Include: Optical Transceiver, Tinned Copper Cable Lugs, Other Parts Bords,Panels,Consoles Etc.Frothr Use,Copper Ring Type Cable Lugs, Aluminium Lugs, Extension Board, Gas Detector, Mccb, Ms Bar, Pvc Box, Electronic Item, Servo Drive, Acp Sheet, Adaptor, Ferrule, Touch Pannel, Electrical Actuator , Battery Terminals, Rj45 Connector , Canola Oil, Gingelly Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil5%
15155099Electric filament or discharge lamps, incl. sealed beam lamp units and ultraviolet or infra-red lamps; arc lamps; parts thereof Products Include: Tubelight 5%
15159010Discharge lamps, fluorescent, hot cathode Products Include: Tubelight 5%
15159020OTHR TUNGSTEN HALOGEN FILAMENT LAMP Products Include: Headlamp 5%
15159030OTHERS Products Include: Led Tube Light Products Include: Ajwain5%
15159040COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS Products Include: Tubelight , Refined Rice Bran Oil, Dalda Ghee5%
15159091OTHR ULTRA VIOLET OR INFRA-RED LAMPS Products Include: Uv Sterilizer 5%
15159099OTHERS Products Include: Lighting Fixtures Led, Headlamp, Electronic Item,Uv Lamp Products Include: Chia Seeds, Deepam Oil5%