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Vegetable materials, such as broom-corn, piassava, couch-grass and istle, of a kind used primarily in brooms or in brushes, whether or not in hanks or bundles

HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
140300OTHER INNER TUBE VALVES Products Include: Butterfly Valve 0%
140310EXPANSION VALVES Products Include: Solenoid 0%
140390OTHERS Products Include: Repair Kit, Shower Head, Cpvc Pipe, Fog Machine, Actuator 0%
14030010OTHER PARTS OF THE ITEMS UNDR HDG 8481 Products Include: Machine Spare Parts, Ms Pipe, Repair Kit, Spacer, Adaptor, Scotch Brite, Electric Actuator 0%
14030090OTHER BALL BEARINGS Products Include: Automative Parts/Automobile 0%