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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) - An Overview

Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature which can be used to sign manuscripts electronically. Electronic papers can be verified based on a digital signature, just like a handwritten signature that verifies physical documents. Certifications act as proof of a person's identity for a certain purpose; for instance a driver's license recognises someone who knows to drive in a provided nation.

The digital certificate is publicly exhibited to show one's individuality and acknowledge the information present on the internet. It is also used for signing crucial documents. It entails user name details, a pin code, the nation, an email address, and the date the certificate was issued.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

As per the RCAI procedure inaugurated by the controller of certifying authorities in India the class 3 DSC have greater level of protection for conducting marketing online. It is used for both individuals and organisations. Only those who physically appear before certifying authorities are authorised to receive these certifications. It is a revised version of class 2 DSC.

Using this certificate, you are permitted to take part in or provide any form of online tender or auction across India. It is primarily used in e-commerce sites and online trading platforms where huge sums of money and highly private data are exchanged.

The Class 3 DSC's are predominantly used for conducting the following functions -

  • E-tendering
  • Patent filing, trademarks, MCA ,customs
  • E-procurement, auction and bidding

Types of Class 3 DSCs and Their Uses

  • A personal user or an authorised official may receive a Class 3 DSC on behalf of a firm
  • It is further categorised as Class 3A and Class 3B DSC’s
  • As per the Information Technology Act of 2000 both Class 3A and 3B DSC’s are published separately
  • Multiple organisations can use class 3 DSC on behalf of their employees and take part in e-tender.

Uses of Class 3A DSC

  • The Class 3A DSC s mainly utilised for IRCTC e-ticketing
  • It's used to sign e-documents

Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate uses: for signing only

  • Digital Signature Certificate Class 3A Individual is mainly used for IRCTC e-ticketing because of the implementation of an online ticket booking system (E-Ticketing), implemented by the Indian Railways for approved official agents.
  • Every approved agent with a Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate may issue an e-ticket to any user through the IRCTC website through this program.
  • So every Approved Agent needs to have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (Class 3A) to sign e-documents.
  • After obtaining a Class 3A Signing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), the Agent must map the Digital Signature Certificate with the IRCTC website.

Class 3B DSC is used for Signing & Encryption

  • Any organisation, company, or corporation that wants to sign and encrypt documents for use in e-auctions or tenders must have a Class 3B Digital signature Certificate online
  • An authorised person receives the DSC on behalf of any agency, firm, or company that desires to transmit online offers through the e-procurement procedure
  • E-tendering is a simple procedure that has been well-received by vendors and has gained substantial popularity throughout India
  • E-tendering promotes process transparency while also saving time and effort
  • By uploading documents, receiving a prompt response, and winning contracts or tenders, e-Tendering and e-Procurement frequently assist other country suppliers to bid through other government websites and Class 3 DSC is a must.

Benefits of Class 3 DSC

  • Businesses and organisations sell a significant amount of their products online. A DSC is required for businesses and organisations that engage in or aspire to participate in electronic tendering processes
  • Your identity cannot be exploited when communicating online thanks to the extremely secure class 3 DSC
  • Unless the USB token driver's password is taken, no one can permit the data accumulated in the DSC
  • The ability to use a Class 3A DSC is also available to users who want to apply for a patent or trademark
  • Team leaders are more effective when they can focus entirely on organisational development rather than worrying about the security of their online transactions thanks to the peace of mind that comes from a secure online transaction.

Checklist For Class 3 DSC application

  • The signature of the applicant must be in blue ink
  • If a paper employs a class 3B digital signature certificate, all manuscripts should be self-certified and stamped with the company's stamp
  • In the case of a class 3B DSC, the organisation's head should self-certify documents using the organisation's rubber stamp
  • On the application form's photograph of the applicant, there should be a cross-signature
  • Every piece of supporting document needs to be signed by a bank manager, postmaster, or officer with gazetted status
  • Either one of the options must be used as evidence of the attesting officer
  • Information regarding the testing administrator including name, address, phone number, and the title has to be provided
  • This has to be a component of the attestation. If it is submitted separately, it must be attested by either the applicant or the attesting officer
  • A self-signed copy of the organisation ID card for the attesting officer
  • An authorised signatory may also give consent to organisational documents
  • An authorised signatories ID card is required
  • It is a must to submit a video verification while applying for class 3 DSC.

Procedure For Obtaining Class 3 DSC

You can get in touch with our experts at Vakilsearch to initiate the process for obtaining class 3 DSC. Our team of legal experts can obtain class 3 DSC without much hustle. Here is the process that we employ

Filling The DSC Application

  • The applicant must personally sign the certificate and submit
  • The Registration Authority (RA) will then procure this enrollment application.

Filing the DSC Application By RA

  • All the finalised DSC applications should be enrolled by the RA
  • Subsequently, it is sent to the Certification Authority (CA) for issuance
  • The RA will verify the applicant's application and supporting documents before starting the mobile/video verification process.

Video Verification

  • A web link for video verification will be sent to the applicant's registered email ID when the DSC application and supporting papers are submitted on the E-mudra
  • The candidate can finish their verification on a desktop computer or using any mobile app.

Mobile Verification

  • Following the completion of the video verification, the applicant must submit a mobile number for verification
  • A text message should be sent to 9945211399 from the applicant's registered phone number, which is listed on the application.

Download DSC

  • The applicant will be permitted to download the DSC following the successful completion of both mobile and video verification
  • Post receiving an authentication code the DSE is downloaded to the E-token storage system.

Documents for Obtaining Class 3 DSC

For Individuals

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identification
  • TAN or Aadhaar softcopy

For Companies

  • Form of Application
  • Authorisation letter
  • Proof of identity
  • Organisational evidence
  • Officer certifying or attesting
  • Proof of an Authorised Signatory.

Why Vakilsearch

Vakilsearch is here to make all your legal requirements much easier. Get in touch with our legal Experts to file for class 3 DSC. The process is very simple and in fact, can be initiated within 3 easy steps. If you have any queries regarding DSC 3 get in touch with our experts right away.

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