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  • Tax Registrations
  • Property & Personal

Business Registrations

Private Limited

Starting 6999

* All Inclusive

The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital. This type of company offers limited liability for its shareholders with certain restrictions placed on the ownership. Private limited company registration, directors may be different from shareholders.

Limited Liability

Starting 5999

(Govt. fees on actuals)

LLP was introduced to provide a form of business that is easy to maintain and to help owners by providing them with limited liability. Limited Liability Partnership Registration combines the benefits of a partnership with that of a limited liability company.

One Person

Starting 6999

* All Inclusive

The best structure for solo entrepreneurs looking beyond the opportunities a sole proprietorship affords. Here, a single promoter gains full authority over the company, restricting his/her liability towards their contributions to the enterprise. The said person will be the sole shareholder and director.


Starting 2999

* Exclusive of Taxes

A business structure in which two or more individuals manage a business per the terms in Partnership Deed. It’s best suitable for home businesses that are unlikely to take any debt due to low cost, ease of setting up and minimal compliance requirements.

Mandatory Compliances

Maintain your

Starting 6999

* Exclusive of Taxes

Accounting, a process of storing, sorting and recording financial transactions, is required to be submitted by all businesses at the time of filing their tax returns. Maintaining the books in-house will certainly reduce pains in complying with the requirements of the IT Department.

Annual Compliances for Pvt. Ltd.

Starting 12799

* Exlusive of Taxes

According to the Companies Act 2013, all Private Limited Companies have to fulfil the mandatory compliances. All the benefits of a private limited company, such as the ability to raise capital easily and accommodate shareholders, come at the cost of increased compliance.

Due Digilence
of Company

Starting 14999

* Exclusive of Taxes

Due diligence is generally conducted by investors to check for regulatory and process compliance by the company on a regular basis. It is performed before any private equity investment, business sale, bank loan funding, etc.

Secretarial Audit Package for Companies

Starting 49999

* Exclusive of Taxes

Secretarial audit is conducted to check compliance of various legislations including the Companies Act and other corporate and economic laws applicable to the company.

Govt Licenses & Registrations

Shop & Establishment

Starting 6000

* Exclusive of Taxes

The Shops and Establishments Act regulates the conditions of work, lists the rights of employees in the unorganised sector and provides a list of obligations for every employer. It is mandatory for every establishment to be registered within 30 days of commencement.


Starting 3500

* Exclusive of Taxes

Any entrepreneur looking to start a food business - packaging, processing, distribution, etc have to obtain a valid Food Safety and Standard Authority of India license. FSSAI monitors these businesses under the guidelines and regulations listed in FSSAI Act 2006.


Starting 9999

* Exclusive of Taxes

International Standards Organization (ISO) is an independent organization that sets the standards for businesses in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency of products. An ISO registration enhances the reputation of your service or product.

Import & Export

Starting 4500

* Exclusive of Taxes

Import Export (IE) Code is issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to all businesses involved in importing or exporting goods and services from India.

Tax Registrations

Goods & Service Tax

Starting 999

* All Inclusive

GST is the all-in-one tax that covers all businesses, whether service or manufacturing. Taxpayers with a turnover of less than Rs.1.5 crore can opt for composition scheme to get rid of tedious GST formalities and pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.

Professional Tax

Starting 6500

* Exclusive of Taxes

Professional Tax is a state-level tax that applies to salaried employees and professionals, including chartered accountants, lawyers, doctors, media agencies, etc. Professional tax payment will always have distinct rates that keep varying from state to state.

Income Tax

Starting 499

* Exclusive of Taxes

Income tax is levied on the income of a person at specified rates and is paid directly to the Central government. The statement of income is furnished on the prescribed forms such as ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, etc. that differ depending on the income.


Starting 2499

* Exclusive of Taxes

An employer or company that has valid TAN - Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number can file for TDS return. Any individual or business who makes a particular payment which is stated under the I-T Act needs to deduct tax at source.

Property & Personal


Starting 9999

* Exclusive of Taxes

A property document is an agreement that covers comprehensively the terms on which a property’s sale will take place, the conditions, and the date on which the sale will be completed. We will assign you expert lawyers who will estimate the value of the property accurately.


Starting 4999

* Exclusive of Taxes

Before purchasing a property, complete verification of the documents helps buyers get the required information, genuineness and reliability of the property. Document requirement may vary based on the state of purchase. The process can be smoothly done with our expert lawyers.


Starting 19999

* Exclusive of Taxes

Succession Certificate is a certificate granted by Civil Courts in India to the legal heirs of a person dying intestate leaving debts and securities. It entitles the holder to make payment of the debt or transfer securities to the holder of the certificate.


Starting 5000

* Exclusive of Taxes

Irrespective of why an individual changes the name, it has to be done legally. The publication in Central Gazette is mandatory to get the name changed across all the government records. Vakilsearch provides one of the best online name change services in India.

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