Litigation in USA

Any dispute between people, businesses, or other entities has the potential to result in the filing of a lawsuit. These lawsuits progress in an orderly manner through a number of steps, including: Filing of a Complaint / Answer to Complaint, Pleadings , Discovery , Settlement Conferences, Trial & Appeal.

Types of Litigation

Business and Commercial Litigation

Commercial and business litigation occurs when a dispute between individuals or business entities is brought before a court. Some types of commercial litigation include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, copyright infringement, fraud, trademark infringement, unfair competition, indemnity, defamation, and construction disputes.

Public Interest Litigation

These types of litigation are a fairly new in the field of law. These lawsuits are initiated by the courts in order to protect or maintain the well-being of a community. This type of litigation often centers around environmental issues, environmental law, and public health concerns.

Personal Injury Litigation

Parties seeking these types of litigation go to civil court in order to obtain legal remedy for losses suffered due to an accident. Injured parties seek financial compensation from parties whose conduct either intentionally harmed them or carelessly caused them injury.

Mesothelioma Litigation

Mesothelioma litigation typically occurs when companies knowingly exposed employees to deadly agents such as asbestos without warnings or protections. Common defendants in asbestos cases include manufacturers of asbestos-containing products, construction companies, mining companies and ship building companies.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to legal disputes between two or more parties that seek monetary settlements rather than criminal sanctions. Civil litigation is a broad practice that can encompass: landlord/tenant disputes, product liability, personal injury, intellectual property, construction disputes, real estate disputes, anti-trust, medical malpractice, and more.

Patent Litigation

When one party infringes on another party's patent or trademark, the infringed party may file a lawsuit to enforce their patent rights and claim illegal use of their patent or trademark. These patents or trademarks can be for inventions, goods, or programs. Basically if a party makes or sells the patent holder's invention without permission, then the patent holder may sue and will typically seek a financial settlement.

We specialize in the defense and prosecution of civil lawsuits. We practice general civil litigation with unfettered goals aimed towards exhaustive fact gathering, possessing an intricate knowledge of the law and presenting the case in a manner garnered towards obtaining the best possible results. We commence with a liability analysis of the facts of the case and our proposed case strategy. We then provide the client with a litigation budget, a realistic estimate of the cost we believe will be required to prosecute or defend the action from start to finish. From written discovery, depositions, dispositive pre-trial motions and trial, the client is involved in every aspect of the journey. It is the client’s case, and the client has the right to know what is transpiring at every juncture.

Types of Civil Litigation

The primary difference between civil litigation and criminal cases is that in civil cases one or both of the parties is seeking money or another form of compensation rather than criminal charges. In general, the prosecution in criminal cases represents the state in which the trial is taking place, but in civil cases both parties represent themselves, with the assistance of a civil litigation attorney or legal counsel. These are some of the most common types of cases to appear in civil court.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes occur when one or more parties who signed a contract cannot or will not fulfill their obligations. Occasionally, this is due to a contract that is written in fuzzy terms that creates disparate expectations in the signers, but usually it is because one party overextends itself and doesn’t have the money or employees to fulfill their obligations.

Property Disputes

Property law involves disputes about property ownership and damages to one person’s property or real estate. There are many different types of property disputes that a civil litigation attorney may handle. One common one is property line disputes, in which one party alleges that a neighbor crossed the property line boundary between their two homes for building or planting.


A tort is a civil case in which one party alleges that another caused them physical or emotional harm. Tort cases can take many different forms, and can relate to a person’s personal safety, safety of their property, and financial security. Common torts related to accident and injury include assault or battery cases, and negligence cases in which one party alleges that a caregiver did not do their assigned duty.

Class Action Cases

Class action cases are similar to tort cases, only the prosecution in these cases represents a group or class of people who have all been injured by the same thing. These are common in cases of defective products or exposure to hazardous materials in which the faulty item injured multiple people before it was recalled.

Complaints Against the City

Complaints against the city or federal government are generally settled out of court, but in the event that the government refuses to settle the complaints are generally tried as civil cases. These cases can be brought in any case where the plaintiff alleges that city law or policy has caused harm to its citizens.

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