Company Incorporation In Malaysia

There is an ease of doing business in Malaysia. Get a work visa and the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, and open a bank account there to start a business.

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How To Incorporate A Business In Malaysia?

Incorporating a Company in Malaysia is quick, easy, and can be done online with Vakilsearch in 3 simple steps:

We address all your queries about Company Incorporation in the Malaysia.

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We help you get the entire process of filing and registration completed.

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We help you with the post-registration formalities and compliances.

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Company Incorporation in Malaysia - An Overview

The prevailing process of registering a company in Malaysia is a simple and hassle-free one. You can incorporate your company in this country even with one hundred percent foreign ownership. This type of a company is known here as Sendirian Berhad. However, the Malaysian Government has listed certain specific industries only to have the advantage of complete foreign ownership.

A foreigner can start business in Malaysia by either merging with a local company or by registering the foreign company in Malaysia with Companies Commission of Malaysia.

Following are preferred industries to start a business in Malaysia:

As per the Malaysia laws, only two types of Companies can incorporate in Malaysia.

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Benefits of incorporating a company in Malaysia

Some more advantages of incorporating a company in Malaysia are as follows-

  • Low wages (average wage being as low as $ 2.31 per hour)
  • Reduced rates of rent
  • The Malaysian Government levies no withholding tax on any dividend paid outside the country.
  • No restriction is imposed on the companies incorporated in Malaysia upon repatriation of profits, capital, royalties, and dividends.
  • Strong subsidies and incentives are provided by the Government to the companies to encourage capital investment and business formation.

What are the key requirements of company registration in Malaysia?

Subscribers and Directors - A minimum of 2 subscribers and directors are mandatorily required for registering a company in Malaysia.

Company Secretary - A company needs to appoint a company secretary who is a member of the professional body by the Minister of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism and should be licensed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Principal place of residence:

It is mandated by the Government that the company secretary and the proposed director of the company will have their only or principal place of residence in Malaysia only.

How to register a company in Malaysia?

Verification of the company name:

1. The company needs to select a suitable name for itself and then have it verified for availability. To do so, the company needs to refer to the Government Gazette. It will have the required guidelines for applying for the said verification.

The steps involved in filing a name availability application are:

2. For company registration, the Inland Revenue Board should affix the official company stamp. The AoA & MoA should mention the details of all the secretaries and directors. The subscribers of the shares of the company also need to sign the AoA & MoA in presence of a witness.

3. The director or promoter have to submit a declaration stating the he/she is not bankrupt and has no criminal record.

4. The designated company secretary should also sign a compliance declaration certifying that all the statutory requirements as prescribed in the Companies Act have been complied with.

5.Identity proof of directors.

6. Company name approval letter from SSM.

After the company complies with the procedure of application, submits all valid documents and pays the application fee, the SSM will issue the Certificate of Corporation. Thereafter, the company will obtain the permit to start business operations as mentioned in the MoA.

Please note:All the documents are required to be in either English or Malay language.

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