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Freelancer Contract

A freelancer contract or a freelance agreement stipulates job requirements, the timeline of the contract, mode of payment, and all other aspects related to working with a consultant.

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How Does The Freelancer Contract Work?

A freelance contract is drafted by our in-house lawyers and legal experts, and
send across to you for verification, within 2- 4 business days.

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What is a Freelancer Contract?

A freelance contract or a freelance agreement defines the terms and conditions between the freelancer and the customer. It specifies the job requirements, the timeline of the agreement, the mode and method of payment, as well as other details relevant to the execution of work by the freelancer. Over the years, with the evolution in technology, more and more work is assigned and executed through freelancers. Hence, freelance agreements have become popular, specifically in the IT sector.

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Benefits of a Freelancer Agreement

Minimises Liabilities

A well-defined consultancy contract will minimize the risk of future lawsuits, as the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties are clearly defined in the consultancy contract.

Assures Confidentiality

If the nature of work requires confidentiality, a consultancy contract can be drafted accordingly.

Checklist For Sections To Be Included In Freelancer Contract

  • Contact details from Freelancer and Client
  • Scope Of Project
  • Deliverables
  • Pricing and rates
  • Payment schedule and options
  • Deadlines and timeline
  • Ownership / Copyrights on Intellectual Properties
  • Legal terms
  • Kill fee and cancellation terms
  • Signatures
  • How To Prepare A Freelancer Agreement

    While preparing a freelancer contract, one should adhere to the below-mentioned conditions:

    Services/Non-services: Be specific and through about the services provided and not provides.

    Payment Terms & Rates: Specify terms of payment and rates, whether as fixed or variable based on the project.

    Additional Work: This clause helps in including additional services (if required) and their payment rates.

    Timeline: While this helps to set the total timeline of the contract, it also helps to set conditions, if the freelancer cannot meet the timeline set for the project.

    Termination Clause: Unforeseen circumstances may lead to cancellation of the project, or desire to work together. In such cases, termination clauses will be helpful in deciding how to terminate the contract or the project.

    Advance Payments: The freelancer can request for a deposit or an advance, before starting work in good faith, and then the remaining as per the stipulated conditions of payment.

    Terms for Late Payments: In case of delays, the terms of late payment can help both freelancers and employers to establish payment rates and interest (if required).

    Documents Required To Prepare Freelancer Agreement

  • Documents that support the identities (named) of the parties involved in the agreement.
  • Documents that support the address of the parties involved in the agreement.
  • Documents that support the names of the organizations involved.
  • How Vakilsearch Helps in creating a Freelancer Agreement

    2-4 Business Days

    It begins with the request to prepare a freelance contract. The requisite details are collected from the client. Our in-house lawyers and legal experts create the freelance contract and send it across to the client for verification, within 2- 4 business days.

    2 Rounds of Iterations

    When drafting a freelance contract, two rounds of iterations are included in the original price of preparing a contact. Once these changes are made the freelance contract will be sent to you for verification.

    FAQs on Freelancer Contract

    What is a freelancer contract?

    A freelancer contract or agreement is a legal document that contains information regarding the job requirements, timeline, payment mode, and other aspects that govern the working of a consultant. This document helps to safeguard the interests of both the consultant and the organization that he or she is working for.

    What are the important clauses in a freelancer agreement?

    • Basic Information such as the name and address of both the consultant and the company
    • Purpose and scope of the agreement
    • Valid consideration as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
    • Must specify the duration of the contract, the date of commencement, and termination
    • Information regarding jurisdiction, dispute handling, and resolution
    • Mode of payment and also the time of payment to safeguard the interests of the consultant

    Who is a Freelancer?

    A freelancer is anyone who is self- employed and does not fully devote or commit himself or herself to a particular employer at all times. Instead, they are contacted for short term projects or particular assignments that last a stipulated amount of time. After the completion of the project, they are released from their contract and they no longer serve the company. The most common areas in which freelancers work is;

    • Content Writing
    • Music production
    • Journalism and editing
    • App Design
    • Web Design

    Why Vakilsearch

    Access To Experts

    We provide access to reliable professionals and coordinate with them to fulfill all your legal requirements. You can also track the progress on our online platform, at all times.

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    By handling all the paperwork, we ensure a seamless interactive process with the government. We provide clarity on the incorporation process to set realistic expectations.

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    With a team of over 300 experienced business advisors and legal professionals, you are just a phone call away from the best in legal services.

    Recent Updates

    13-Apr-2020: Tough to be a Freelancer During the Lockdown- Report in the Economic Times

    A recent report in the Economic Times has showcased the plight of the freelancers during the COVID-19 outbreak. It says Indian businesses have delayed the payments of freelancers by as many as 24 days, on average, during this period.

    03-Apr-2020: COVID-19 Pandemic Period has been Tough for Freelancers- Indeed Survey

    A recent survey by the job search platform Indeed has indicated that freelancers are finding it tough to get going in this pandemic period. Almost 50% of the Indian businesses have already trimmed their freelancer workforce.

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