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Private Limited

 14,999 all-inclusive

The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital.

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Limited Liability Partnership

 9999 all-inclusive

The perfect structure for professional services firms such as financial advisories and ad agencies.

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One Person

 12,999 all-inclusive

The best structure for solo entrepreneurs looking beyond the opportunities a sole proprietorship affords.

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 8790 onwards

Often known as TIN Number,
it is mandatory for any manufacturing or trading business with a turnover
of over Rs. 5 lakh.

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Service Tax

 5290 onwards

To pay this tax, the service provider must be registered with the Central Government if the preceding fiscal year's turnover is over Rs. 9 lakh.

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 2145 onwards

As a small enterprise, you can have access to priority sector lending, tax exemptions & capital investment and power tariff subsidies.

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 6289 all-inclusive

Protect your brand, slogan or logo. Begin now and use the trademark symbol beside your name in three working days.

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 3362 onwards

A registration confers upon its owner sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so.

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 8863 all-inclusive

Conduct a rigorous check to know if your product/design is likely to be granted a patent. All at the lowest price in India.

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Terms of Service

 3499 onwards

The terms are the conditions on which service is being delivered, while the privacy policy explains to users what will and will not be done with their information.

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 4999 onwards

An agreement to outline
all the important aspects of
the relationship between the founders.

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 1999 onwards

An employment contract is necessary when hiring any employee or consultant, whether part-time...

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Annual Compliances

 15,749 all-inclusive

Fulfill all the compliance requirements of your private limited company every year

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Close a Company

₹4999 onwards

A tedious, but very necessary, procedure that can even take over a year to complete.

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 49,999 all-inclusive

The strongest incentive for your best employees to stay motivated and stick around.

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Vakilsearch is using the internet to simplify time-consuming paperwork. Over the past five years, we've helped tens of thousands of start-ups register themselves, protect their intellectual property, secure funding from Venture Capitalists & comply with the many regulations of the MCA.

  • Startup-friendly

    3% of all business registrations and climbing

  • Cost-efficient

     9 crore in professional fees saved every year

  • Time-saving

    42,000 hours freed up for Indian business owners

  • Continuous support

    160-strong team available for assistance

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    140,000+ happy customers since inception



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