Free Trademark Search In India - An Overview

Trademark search is an integral part of trademark ownership and every company
must be aware of the importance of conducting a trademark search.

Vakilsearch helps you with the simplest way to do a trademark search in India. With over 40 lakh trademarks and 15 lakh companies in India, conducting a thorough trademark search is a must. The trademark search process includes all the classes that are registered across India. You can check the availability of your logo, slogan or brand name easily in a single trademark search.

Vakilsearch makes things easier for you by helping you choose the right class or classes using a free trademark search tool. The selection process varies depending on the nature of your service or product.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Compared to a preliminary search, a comprehensive trademark search is always considered better due to its wider scope.

Attorneys or firms, specialized in Trademark services can do a comprehensive trademark search. They have access to a large database that consists of various state trademarks, company names, publications and domain names. This helps in performing a detailed comparative study and in seeking legal advice about concerns that you may face later while registering your trademark.

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