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All HS Codes or HSN Codes for bandsaw machine with GST Rates
Dishwashing machines; machinery for cleaning or drying bottles or other containers; machinery for filling, closing, sealing or labelling bottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers; machinery for capsuling bottles, jars, tubes and similar containers; other packing or wrapping machinery, incl. heat-shrink wrapping machinery; machinery for aerating beverages; parts thereof
HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
84229090PARTS OF OTHER MACHINERY Products Include: Machine Spare Parts, Servo Drive, Fog Machine, Gear Box Machine, Parts Of Web Cam, Teflon Belt, Automatic Packing Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Bosch Drill Machine, Capping Machine, Centrifugal Fan, Check Online, Stainless Steel Flexible Hose18%