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Basic Information

Cin U85190BR2007PTC013256
Registration Number 013256
Date of Incorporation Nov 5, 2007
Registered State Bihar
Registration Of Companies RoC-Patna
Category Company limited by Shares
Sub Category Non-govt company
Company Class Private
Company Status Under Process of Striking Off

Share Capital Information

Authorized Capital 500000.0
Paidup Capital 0.0
Number of Members(Applicable in case of company without Share Capital) 0

Listing and Annual Information

Whether Listed or not Unlisted
Date of last AGM -
Date of Balance Sheet -
Principal Business Activity Community, personal & Social Services

Contact Information

Email Id
Registered Office Address 43, Kurji Kothiya, Vikasnagar, P.O.- Sadaqat Ashram, P.S.- Digha, Patna Patna BR 800010 IN

Directors Details


Cin U85190BR2007PTC013256
Din 01527710
Present Residential Address 43, Saidpur, Kurji Kothiyo, Patna 800016 BR IN
Designation Director
Date of Appointment Nov 5, 2007
Whether DSC Registered No
Expiry Date of DSC -

Cin U85190BR2007PTC013256
Din 01536352
Present Residential Address 43, Kurji Kothiya, Vikashnagar, Patna 800010 BR IN
Designation Managing Director
Date of Appointment Nov 5, 2007
Whether DSC Registered No
Expiry Date of DSC -
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