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All HS Codes or HSN Codes for acoustic enclosures with GST Rates
Machinery, plant or laboratory equipment whether or not electrically heated (excluding furnaces, ovens and other equipment of heading 8514), for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating, cooking, roasting, distilling, rectifying, sterilising, pasteurising, steaming, drying, evaporating, vaporising, condensing or cooling (excluding those used for domestic purposes); instantaneous or storage water heaters, non-electric; parts thereof
HSN CodeDescriptionGST%
84199090PRTS OF MCHNRY PLNT AND SMLR LBRTRY EQPMNT ANDOF INSTNTNS/STORG WTR HEATRS (EXCL DOMSTC TYPE)FALLING WTHN HDG NO.8419 Products Include: Pipette, Kitchen Equipment, Oil Filter Cartridge, Ruler, Evaporator, Test Tube, Acoustic Enclosures, Industrial Trolley, Pvc Fills, Co2 Incubator, Laboratory Incubator, Cooler Blade, Steel Fabrication5%