These are the 4 Most Important Pitch Deck Templates You Need

Last Updated at: Dec 10, 2020
These are the 4 Most Important Pitch Deck Templates You Need
In today’s world, a pitch deck is an essential tool for communicating and planning, and focusing at the early stages of all ventures. Different startups are helping founders to prepare for funding by using pitch decks. ‘Easy to Pitch’ is one of the fastest-growing and one-stop pitching solutions for start-up founders and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.


To make a perfect pitch deck, it involves craft, intense research and analysis. The pitch deck reflects the innovative ideas and a company’s viability to bring about changes in the life of numerous people. The start-ups use the pitch deck to gain confidence and credibility of the eminent market players in different niches so, that they will help the start-ups to strive by investing in their plan. 

The best pitch deck for your potential investors as suggested by experts comprises of 10 slide rule, font with size not less than 30, crisp and informative plan to get the investors on board with the plan. To make a captivating pitch deck for the investors, you may choose one among the most important pitch deck template. Four important pitch deck template are as follows:

Problem and Solution Template

The experts suggest to have a 10 slide rule for the presentation which includes the following:

Cover Slide

It is the introduction slide which comprises of the idea in brief. It is important to have an introduction slide because a presentation without a structured base will reflect a weak construction of the idea.


The idea of an investment plan will work only if the severity of the problem is realized by the investors. The problem can be explained with the help of the example and making the investors realize about the problem in their life as well.


Coming up with a solution to the problem will intrigue the interest of the investors in the plan. A subtle and simple solution will make the investors get on board with the plan. Solutions explained in the bullet format will help the investors to comprehend the solution with ease.


If the solution involves a product then explain the features and function of the product to the investors. The process of approach has to be briefed out to the investors.


To gain the credibility of the investors it is important to show that the past performance of the company. Company’s viability will help to gain their confidence. 

Business Model

The procedure of execution of the plan has to be explained to the investors. Usage of charts and images will help to explain the concept without much hassle.

Market Size

The size of the end-users has to be explained to the investors. If the product doesn’t have a significant percentage of customers to avail the product then, the investors will not have any incentive to invest in such a project. The market size will also help to determine the share of profit for the investors as well.


Without taking the competitors into consideration no business will strive in the long run. The competitor’s share of the market has to be reckoned to comprehend the effect of the solution on the market. 


The team has to be showcased in the presentation. The role of the experts in the team will display the functionalities and the execution of the plan within the duration.

Financial assistance

The financial assistance sought from the investors has to be explained out in the simplest manner. Level of expenditure at every step of the execution of the plan has to be explained. Along with financial assistance, the return on investment has to be reckoned and displayed on the slide. 

The best pitch deck examples under this template is that of Airbnb company. They used the same structure of the pitch deck and gained the credibility of the investors.

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Vision-Opportunity Template

This includes the following list of slides:

Cover slide

This will be an introductory part which makes the investors to get acquainted with the basic idea of the plan.


Launching a new product or coming across a new idea to gain popularity in the market, should be showcased just after the introductory part. Try to make it innovative and intriguing to captivate the mind of the investors. 


With the upcoming introduction of a certain field of interest of the customers, the company can also make innovation and take advantage of this new platform. The new platform will help the new customer base to enhance their work, which will conversely help the company to strive in future.


The product that will help to grab the opportunity should be demonstrated to the investors. 

After this, the vision-opportunity template will include the slides which would be common to the problem and solution template, which are the following:

Traction, Business Model, Market Size, Competition, Team, and Financial assistance

Team Framework

Emphasize the role of the experts who have certain years of experience and expertise in their field of niche. This pitch deck template will help to impart the knowledge about the handful number of experts, who all would be working on the project. This will make the investors look no further for their investment plan. This template consists of the following:

Cover Slide 

It is very important to have an introductory slide not just to grab the interest of the investors but, also to make them aware of the field. 

Team Work

The credentials of the experts should be shared with the investors. This will give them assurity that the plan will be executed by a team of experts whom they can trust on the basis of their past experience and success.

After this slide, the pitch deck may have slides that include the factors as mentioned in either of the above two templates.

Progressive Framework

The investors want a significant figure of return on their investment. Hence, if the past performance of the company has a beholding factor then do take advantage of that and gain their confidence in your company. This template includes the following:

Cover Slide

Indeed, a brief introduction to the plan will give an essential insight into the plan.

Progress percentage

However, the progress of the company will help the investors to determine the worthiness factor of the company. 

After these two slides, the subsequent inclusion of the slide from either the problem-solution framework or vision-opportunity framework can be used to illustrate the motive of the plan.

The pitch deck template download under any of the above type has to be crafted in such a manner so that the boredom doesn’t strike to the potential investors. Keeping them hooked to the presentation of your idea is the core challenge that every company has to keep in mind.