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Registration of Company With Foreign Directors

According to the Companies Act, 2013, a company is an organisation incorporated under Company Law, 2013 or any other previous company law. A company...
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GST Registration for Service Providers

The Indian tax system is the most complicated one in the world with the Centre, the States and the local bodies having powers to...
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Property Registration in India

Property registration in India is governed by Section 17 of Registration Act, 1908. This Act is applicable to whole of India except the state...

Exemptions for Private Limited Companies under Companies Act, 2013

The introduction of the Companies Act of 2013 made a significant impact in the corporate world, with the addition of the new provisions to ease doing business in India.

GST Transition: How to Migrate Existing Input Credits?

There is a lot of discussion around Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the impact that it may have on small and medium businesses. Large enterprises are already preparing themselves for the change that they may have to make in their current system to
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Lease Agreement: What it is & Terms & Conditions

All of us have had to make a lease agreement one or several times in life, for various reasons, say, for renting a house,...