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ITR-2 Form: Understanding Income Tax Form 2

Every year, scores of Indian file income tax online. Although it is quite an easy process to fill IT returns online, it becomes quite complicated for an individual if he or she is new to the system.

Compliance For Private Limited Companies Right After Incorporation

The private limited company registration gives you access to crucial benefits: you can add shareholders, attract the best talent with equity and raise loans...

Cruelty as Grounds for Divorce

Under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 cruelty was not a ground for divorce but only for judicial separation. This was upheld by the Supreme Court in the case of Narayan Ganesh Dastane v Sucheta Narayan Dastane in 1975. However the amendment of the act in 1976, incorporated cruelty as a ground for divorce.

Important Components of a Business Plan

The vast majority of start-ups fail, primarily on account of poor planning. While most things are out of your control, a roadmap is the...
sale deed

Requirements of a Sale Deed

A sale deed is the most crucial document of your housing deal. It is the document that you need to provide as proof of ownership. Many people, however, mistake it for other similar documents such as the Sale Agreement or the Deed of Assignment.

Wills in India

A will is a legal declaration a person makes about the way they want their property managed or distributed after their death. Although a will is a legal document, there isn’t any prescribed form it must take.

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