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Legal Documents to Check Before Buying Property

The exact laws governing the sale of property might be slightly different in different states, but there are a few permissions and documents a builder or promoter must have if they are selling flats. Here are the documents that you should check when buying a flat from a builder:
income tax calculator

Due Dates for Service Tax Payment & Return Filing

Service tax payment due dates vary according to the business structure of the entity. Individuals, proprietorships and partnerships must make payment once every quarter,...

What are authorised capital and paid-up capital?

The Registrar of Companies (RoC) requires private limited companies, one-person companies, and public limited companies to declare their capital structure at all times. Any...
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How to Pick a Financial Planner

For a country that consistently saves over a quarter of its income, we’re deplorably under-insured and under-exposed to the equity market. Both facts point to a lack of financial planning. Financial planning is usually passed off as a generic term, but it refers to a specific process

What is the Difference Between OPC and LLP?

Entrepreneurs are regularly confused about which business structure they should register as. But the available structures are actually so distinct that you shouldn't be, particularly if you're wondering whether to register a one-person company (OPC) or limited liability partnership (LLP).

Online Payment of Profession Tax in Maharashtra

Payment of professional tax in Maharashtra can be done quickly on the website. In fact, e-payment is mandatory for those making payment monthly. You are required to make payment and file returns monthly if your tax liability is over Rs. 50,000 for the year. This must be done by the last day of the subsequent month.

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