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What Does It Cost To Start & Operate a Private Limited Company in India?

Entrepreneurs are always skeptical about starting a private limited company because of the high costs said to be associated with it. This may have been true even five years ago, but given transparent pricing the internet has brought about, a lot more new businesses can start a private limited company earlier than before.

What is the difference between OPC and Sole Proprietorship?

If you're starting a business, keen on having full control, you have two options to choose from: a one-person company and sole proprietorship. As...

What is the Difference Between OPC and LLP?

Entrepreneurs are regularly confused about which business structure they should register as. But the available structures are actually so distinct that you shouldn't be, particularly if you're wondering whether to register a one-person company (OPC) or limited liability partnership (LLP).

Advantages of a Private Limited Company

When starting a business, it's important to be clear on the kind of operation you want to build. This is because only from your...

7 Compliances For Private Limited Companies After Incorporation

The private limited company registration gives you access to crucial benefits: you can add shareholders, attract the best talent with equity and raise loans...
GST Registration

GST Registration for VAT, Service Tax Holders

The rolling in of GST or the Goods and Service Tax has been one of the most important announcements of this year. With GST, traders and businesses can do away with copious amount of registrations, and be registered to this tax scheme alone. With the implementation of GST looming