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Corporate Compliance for Foreign Entities in India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. According to a few reports, the next 30 years will see India...
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Trademark Class 1: Chemical Products

Trademark Class 1 is for registering a trademark for chemical products used in science, industry and agriculture. It also includes those that go into...
trademark objection

Trademark Class 9: Computers and Scientific Devices

Trademark Class 9 is for registering a varied range of trademarks for nautical, scientific, surveying, optical, photographic, cinematographic, weighing, signalling and measuring devices. Class 9...
trademark objection

Trademark Class 2: Paints and Varnishes

Trademark Class 2 is for colorants, paints and the preparations which are used for the protection against corrosion of colorants, wood, mordants, metals which...
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Trademark Status: Opposed vs Objected vs Formalities Chk Pass

The advent of online trademark registration in India has improved the efficiency and transparency of trademark filing. An application for registration of a trademark goes through various stages of scrutiny before it gets registered. These stages or status are briefly explained below.
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Intellectual Property: Trademark vs Copyright

What Is a Copyright? Copyright is a system of protection provided to the authors of “original works of authorship” which includes musical, literary, artistic,...