PAN Card Details from PAN Card Number: How to Know


Knowing PAN Card Details from PAN Card Number involves understanding the way a PAN number is structured.The structure of the PAN numbers is based on the Phonetic Soundex code algorithm to ensure that each number is unique and non-repetitive. There are certain constant permanent parameters which assist in creating this unique PAN number: i. Full name of the taxpayer; ii. Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation iii. Status; iv. Gender in case of individuals; and v. Father’s name in case of individual (including in the cases of married ladies).

Decoding PAN Card Details from PAN Card Number

Permanent Account Number is a ten digit alpha–numeric number. The first five characters of the PAN Number are letters, out of which the first three characters are alphabetic series ranging from AAA to ZZZ. The fourth character of the PAN Number represents the status of the PAN holder for example, C for Company or B for Body of individuals or G for Government etc. Finally, the fifth character represents the PAN holder’s surname/last name or for all others the first letter of the name of the Entity, Trust, Society, Organization, HUF, etc is used. The characters following these alphabets are sequential numbers ranging from 0001 to 9999. The last character in this series is an alphabetic check digit.

PAN Card Details from PAN Card Number: Example

So for example, Ms.Mellinda Gates wants a personal PAN card done.Her PAN number would look something like this- FFFPG8888F. If Ms. Mellinda Gates wanted to get a PAN done for her philathorphy foundation (Trust), her PAN would look like this- KKKTM6666K. The new Phonetic PAN (PPAN) was introduced last year to prevent the allotment of more than one PAN to assesses with the same or similar names. If a matching PPAN is detected, a warning is given to the user and a duplicate PAN report is generated.

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