How to generate e-way Bill registration on the e-way Bill portal?

Last Updated at: Dec 01, 2020
How to generate e-way Bill registration on the e-way Bill portal_
As per the latest directive from the GST council, taxpayers with aggregate turnover more than Rs  500 Crores  started e-invoicing from 1st October, 2020. In October, 2020, about 4.95 Crore e-invoices were generated by 27400 GSTINs. Government of India has also clarified that with effect from January 01, 2021, GST e-invoicing will be mandatory for all the taxpayers with aggregate turnover over Rs. 100 Cr. 


E-way stands for Electronic Way Bill. It is a form of a unique bill that is generated electronically for the specific movement/consignment of goods from one place to another for the value of Rs.50000 or more.

From 1st April 2018 generation of the e-way bill was made compulsory. E-way bill generates a unique number known as “ E-Way Bill Number (EBN).” E-way bill replaced the previous “Waybill” which was present during the VAT regime.

Who should generate an e-Way Bill?

For registered GST person –

A person working on the movement of consignment/goods for seller or buyer in his/her vehicles, ship, railway, air, then the recipient should generate an E-Way bill with the help of Form GST EWB 01 on the common portal by giving required information in part B.

The transporter needs to generate the e-way bill if the registered person hands over the goods directly to the carrier. In this case,/ transporter fills the information provided by the registered person by filling part A of form GST EQB 01.

e-way bill gst

An e-way bill should always be generated before the commencement of goods or consignment to avoid any problems.

The bill comprises two parts.

Part A consists of details such as quantity, number of goods, the value of goods, etc.

Part B consists of details of transporter such as transporter’s name, vehicle registration number, insurance details, etc.


The registration mechanism for e -way bill is straightforward. There is a one-time registration for GST taxpayers on the EWB system. The taxpayers need to have a GSTIN number and mobile number registered with the GST system.

  • Visit the e-way bill website by clicking the link, which will lead the user to the main home page of the EWB system. The home page will consist of many tabs.

e-way bill portal

  • The new registration can be done by clicking on the registration tab, which will lead the first time GSTIN to the e-way bill registration form.
  • Once the link is opened, the applicant has to enter the GSTIN number along with the displayed captcha and has to click on GO. After the submission of the request, the applicant will be redirected to a new page.
  • The applicant does not have to fill in details on this new form as it is auto-populated. It displays all the mentioned information like Applicants name, trade name, complete address including the pin code, city name, and the state name, email id, mobile number.
  • The applicant can verify if all the auto-populated details are correct or if some of the features have changed or incorrect. The applicant can click on ‘Update from GST Common Portal’ to pull the latest data from the GST common portal. Then, the applicant now has to click on “send OTP” to receive the one-time password on the registered mobile number. When the OTP is received, the user has to enter it and has to click on “Verify OTP” to validate and verify the same.
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  • The applicant now has to select and create a username, which shall be used by him/her to operate the account on the system. The username should be unique and should not have been previously used by any other user. The username should be of 8-15 characters, should consist of both alphabets and numbers, and can also include special characters.
  • After the registration request is submitted, the system validates the entered pieces of information and values and displays an appropriate message after it. If all the furnished benefits are correct and the username chosen is available, then the username along with the password is created and registered on the EWB portal. This username and password can be used by the taxpayer to work on the system every time he/she needs to generate an EWB.

GST un-registered transporters enrollment process

Any GST unregistered transporter can not register on the EWB using the previous method. For the enrolment process, the un-registered carrier has to select the “enrolment for transporters’ option and has to fill in the details like state name, legal name as displayed under PAN, PAN number. Then the applicant has to select the type of enrolment (godown, warehouse depot, cold storage, transport services), the constitution of the business (partnership, sole proprietorship, public /private limited. After the above pieces of information are filled, the applicant has to provide the address details. The applicant chooses a username and password.

After all the information is filled in the form, the user needs to click on the “save” button. The system validates the details and provides a 15digit transaction ID, in which the transporter can contribute to the client to enter the EWB. The carrier can enter the vehicle number for the movement of the goods.