How to Become an Amazon Seller

Last Updated at: Nov 10, 2020

Amazon is a leading online retailer in India. The company has been outselling the others such as its arc rival Flipkart in the Indian soil. If you want to become a seller on Amazon, be happy as the process to register yourself as a seller is quite simple and straightforward. Get to know more about the procedure from here.

Amazon, in a few months of 2016, has even outsold Flipkart, to take on the mantle of largest Indian marketplace. Since its launch in 2013, the Jeff Bezos behemoth has kept gaining on rivals Flipkart and Snapdeal with unmatched customer service and the widest range of offerings, including several imported products.

The registration process, is therefore, simple and straightforward. All you need is to submit a few essential documents, and list the products to start making money on the platform. If you are interested in selling through Amazon, here is a step-by step registration process for becoming a partner with

Legal Advice

Below you’ll find the list of services that will walk you through the need for the service, the eligibility, documentation procedure and benefits. Our experienced team members are there to guide you and complete the process at ease.

Amazon Seller Registration

Just as any other marketplace, it is easy to start selling on the Amazon marketplace, so long as your documents are in order.
Business Entity: You can be running a business as an individual (sole proprietor), a company (one-person or private limited) or even as a limited liability partnership. Amazon would just like to see some documentation. If you’re a sole proprietor, of course, just the VAT/CST Registration would do just fine.

Registered Address: A registered address (for your office or home) and phone number is essential. The phone number provided will be used for verification through a voice call or SMS.

VAT/CST Registration: Provide a registered and valid VAT and CST (Value added Tax and Central Sales Tax) numbers during registration. VAT is not required for products like books, but all other products would require the registration. This is regardless of your current turnover. This is because, with Amazon, you could do doing inter-state sales on the very first day, which would necessitate a CST Registration.

Bank Account Information: All transactions will be done through NEFT transfers. Hence, you, as a seller, are required to provide a valid bank account number. The following information is required to fill in the registration form:

Name on the Account
IFSC code of the Bank
Type of Account (Savings/Current)
Account number
Apart from this, a copy of blank cheque needs to be provided for verification.

Trademark Certificate: If you’re selling original products (as in, products you claim to own the rights to), you will need to furnish a trademark certificate for the same. Therefore, you need to prove that you own the brand name. If you don’t have a trademark for your brand, you can apply right away (it takes just three days).

Submission of all these details will take you to the sellers’ quiz page. Here, a series of questions is designed to understand the requirements of a seller as well as their motive for registering with Amazon. As soon as the quiz is completed and submitted, you can list your products.

Product Listing

The listing of products you wish to sell on Amazon is the first step of your online business through Amazon.

Categorize the products depending upon their variety, and price them as per your catalogue. Now, list them on Amazon under the given categories to ensure your products will find the right clientele.

Once the products are ordered, they will be collected from your registered address, packed and shipped by Amazon. The marketplace takes a processing fee (a referral and closing fee) as per the chart provided on the portal.

As soon as the sale is closed by the customer, you will receive your payment.

Reasons for Joining as an Amazon Seller

1. Better customer reach;
2. Smaller investment (no website creation, management, etc);
3. Proper payment channels;
4. Help with packaging and shipping.

If you wish to sell on Amazon, the first step you should do is categorize the same based on the variety and price them as given in the catalog. Then, get the products listed on Amazon as per the categories to find appropriate clientele. Do remember that the marketplace charges you a processing fee as detailed on the portal.