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Khatian -West Bengal Records of Rights

Khaitan – West Bengal Records of Rights 

The land is immensely valued for not just its economic purpose but also for its significant social, commercial, and emotional value. Loss of land,...
What is the difference between TIN, TAT, VAT, PAT, DSC and DIN

What is the difference between TIN, TAN, VAT, PAT, DSC, and DIN?

If you are an entrepreneur, who is trying to start his or her own business in India, then you need to be aware of...
Download Affidavit Format

Download Affidavit Format

What is an Affidavit? Format of Affidavit Name Change Affidavit Address Proof Affidavit Sample of Affidavit Format   An Affidavit is an oath, declare to...