Startup trends to watch for in 2019

Last Updated at: Nov 04, 2019

According to a NASSCOM report, India is one of the fastest growing startup nations in the world with more than 4,200 startups providing more than 80,000 jobs. The startup India programme that was launched by the Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has definitely accelerated the growth of startup culture in India. The idea of startup has caught momentum in the country, especially among the young educated population of India. The youth have been active in the participation of growth of the startups. The success stories of many startups like Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Oyo, etc. has encouraged the youth to start on their own. And moreover, the latest technology in the market is also disruptive and helps in promoting innovation in the startups. So, it is imperative for us to understand the trend in the startup space that is most likely in 2019.

1. Startups based on Artificial intelligence: In 2018, the startup space saw the boom of many startups based on Artificial Intelligence.some of the examples of such startups are (it is a natural language processing driven platform that builds multilingual chatbots for business), Embibe (an AI-based educational startup) and many such startups. So, the AI-based start will definitely see an increase in the startup space.

2.IOT-based startups

Internet of things is a technology that connects various devices and appliances to the internet and facilitates in exchange of data. This is an area for startups that are now widely becoming popular. So, it is a definite area of startup to look for in 2019. A good example of a company that is based on IOT is  Covacis (is a software consulting service company based on IOT and big data).

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3.Cloud-based startups

Cloud computing refers to a system of computing services such as – servers, storages, databases, analytics and more over the internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. A good example of a cloud startup in India is Cloudberry (it is a cloud-based marketing infrastructural platform to manage marketing operations). Cloud-based platforms are a trend in the market to look out for.

4. Blockchain startups

Blockchain is one of the most popular technology in the town in recent times. Blockchain technology refers to a decentralized and open ledger system where the data is stored in the block through the technology of cryptography. A good example of blockchain startup is iMOBDEV Technologies(it is a company that provides blockchain application development services to Current business).

5.Data Analytics Company

Big data analysis refers to the process of analyzing huge volume of data to decipher information required for business. This area is a very trending area for startup venture and must be watched in 2019.

Apart from these technology-based startups, other startups in the fields of entertainment, hotels, spa, supermarkets, and other consumer-based startups are also trending and will see a gradual increase in 2019. To conclude, the overall environment for startups is favorable and the entrepreneurial spirit is high especially among the youngsters in our country. So, it would be exciting to watch the startup space in 2019.