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APEDA Registration

What is RCMC Number in APEDA?

The APEDA is focused on developing the Import and export. It requires RCMC registration, now Learn more on how to register it

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority is known as APEDA. It is a government organisation that was created with the intent of enacting legislation to promote and develop scheduled product exports.

APEDA’s Purpose and Objective:

APEDA’s primary goal is to encourage and expand the export of scheduled products. The central government establishes rules and regulations for the export of such scheduled products and administers them through this organisation to ensure that the APEDA Act is properly administered.

What is RCMC Registration Under the APEDA Act?

Registration Cum Membership Certificate is abbreviated as RCMC. The Export Promotional Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards of India offer membership certificates. The RCMC certifies that the exporter is registered with the Export Promotional Council / Commodity Boards. The application for APEDA registration must be made within one month of the date of the export undertaking.

An individual can register as a vendor exporter or a manufacturer exporter.

APEDA Registration’s Benefits

  • To begin, APEDA RCMC Registration is required for exporters of scheduled products under the APEDA Act.
  • Furthermore, an exporter with an RCMC Registration under APEDA Registration can acquire guidance for better packaging and marketing of Scheduled Products to be exported.
  • APEDA-registered exporters may also participate in APEDA-sponsored training programmes on many parts of the sectors related to Scheduled Products.
  • The exporter can register as an exporter on the APEDA website’s Exporters Directory.
  • Furthermore, by selling and promoting the items with the APEDA registration, the exporter may get brand recognition.
  • APEDA registration facilitates access to several financial aid programmes.

Process of APEDA Registration: 

Step 1: Visit the APEDA official website and register.

Step 2: Sign up as a member and fill out all of the required information.

Step 3: For verification, an OTP will be provided to your registered email address and phone number.

Step 4: After the verification is done, fill out the application form with all of the essential information and attach all of the required papers.

Step 5: Finally, pay the required government fees using the required payment method.

Step 6: After successfully paying the costs, an APEDA Application Number will be generated, which will be used for future references.

The approval of the RCMC by the APEDA Officials is the final stage in the APEDA Registration procedure.

Step 7: The final step for getting APEDA Registration process is the approval of the RCMC by the APEDA Officials.

Step 8: Once the approval is granted, the APEDA RCMC Certificate may be obtained using the APEDA portal.

Once the application duly filed and paid by the applicant, the authority issues Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate (RCMC) and name is added in APEDA list of members.

Functions of the APEDA Authorities: 

  • Promotion of export-oriented manufacturing and development of scheduled products. 
  • Providing for standards and specifications of the scheduled products. 
  • Registration of eligible exporters of scheduled products, upon payment of requisite fees. 
  • Improvising the packaging and marketing standards of scheduled products. 
  • Carrying out an inspection of products with the aim of ensuring 
  •  Development of industries referring to the scheduled products and undertaking surveys, feasibility studies, etc. 
  • Collection of statistics from owners of factories and industries and publication of the same. 

Documents Required for APEDA RCMC Registration

  • An application form duly signed
  • Import-Export code issued by DGFT
  • Duly signed Bank certificate
  • Latest two months’ Bank Account statement
  • Cancelled cheque from the Company’s Bank Account
  • If one is registering himself as a Manufacturer Exporter, he must furnish a self-attested copy of the company registration along with certifications from relevant certification agencies for the following products

Validity of APEDA RCMC Registration in India

  • APEDA RCMC Registration is valid for 5 Financial Years.
  • After the completion of 5 years, you need to renew your APEDA RCMC certificate.

 It is mandatory for exporters involved in the export of scheduled products to have an APEDA registration. APEDA members can take part in a variety of training programmes arranged by APEDA on a variety of planned goods in a variety of industries, as well as how to enhance their business.

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