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How the Rupee Depreciation is Enticing NRIs in Real Estate?

Since the pandemic, NRI homebuyers' interest has increased across the board, from mid-income projects to premium and luxurious projects, and plotted developments.

The Indian currency has depreciated as much as 5.2% against the US dollar in 2022 so far. The rupee’s depreciation against the dollar, combined with the geopolitical situation and rising international interest rates, has helped in the sale of real estate to non-resident Indians. Learn more about NRIs in Real Estate.

“The global economic situation has thrown up numerous obstacles (but) India emerges as a safe haven in terms of economic growth potential,” said Niranjan Hiranandani, vice chairman of NAREDCO, the Property Consultancy Services and industry’s trade association, and managing director of the Hiranandani Group.

“Indian real estate is a great wealth development and growth choice for NRIs, beyond just sentiments.” According to Niranjan Hiranandani, the current global currency situation allows NRIs to purchase more square feet of Indian real estate.

Apart from providing a safe haven in these turbulent times, Indian real estate also provides capital growth and rental income. All of these factors, as well as the digitisation of procedures, add up to a win-win situation for investors. Many developers, particularly those with a proven track record of delivery, have seen an increase in inquiries and conversion into actual home sales in the recent few months.

NRI Traction

Property has been the most sought-after asset in this category, particularly by Gulf residents planning to return to their home country after retirement. However, demand and inquiries from other foreign markets have begun to increase, in addition to the UAE. When the rupee has declined in the past, NRIs have opted to regard Real Estate Complaint as a smart investment back home since it gives them more purchasing power in India.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia, for example, both have sizable Indian populations and peg their currencies to the dollar. This indicates the rupee has deteriorated in value against them at the same rate as the dollar. Know more on the Property Tax Chennai details from our Expert team.

“With the currency falling, NRIs can invest in residential real estate in India.” The increased amount of inquiries from other locations, particularly the Middle East, backs up this assertion. “We are increasingly witnessing demand driven by their worldwide experience and exposure,” said Ramesh Ranganathan, chief executive of K Raheja Corp Homes.

“In the Gulf, which has traditionally been a strong market for us, we’re seeing a lot of traction from NRIs.” In addition, we’re seeing a lot of interest in Singapore and Hong Kong. Apart from London and Malta, NRIs have accounted for over 30% of our business so far this year in these areas,” said Dhimaan Shah, founder and chief operating officer of luxury holiday home developer Isprava Group.

Acquisition of Luxury Properties

The company backed by Nadir Godrej, Anand Piramal and India’s Burman family has projects in Goa, Alibaug near Mumbai and in South India’s Nilgiris.

Apart from domestic buyers, premium properties in tier I and metropolitan areas like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, and Pune, as well as beautiful sites in hill stations and near the seaside across India, have been attracting increasing interest from NRIs, especially since the pandemic.

The government’s sequence of changes, particularly the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act of 2016, have boosted NRI investors’ trust, and they are increasingly open to buying properties in India.

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The Bottom Line:-

Thus, you might have learnt about the NRI real estate and NRI legal services in India. While the US currency remains strong against the rupee, Indian real estate has been booming, with high sales in all major market.

“The global Indian recognises the value of having a second home.” The regulatory environment, as well as improved digitalisation, have contributed to making it more appealing and stable for them,” Hiranandani said. NRIs: are also moving back to India to invest because of the expected price increases in residential property as a result of increased demand. For more information, visit us at Vakilsearch.

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