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Name Change

Online Birth Certificate Correction – Process & Tips

Is it possible to change your name in your birth certificate? If yes, is it possible to do so online? Let us find out!

A name change in India may appear to be a time-consuming process because most of your official Documents may have already been issued. However, it is worthwhile at some point in time when you feel the need to change your name or the names of your children. In the digital age, rectifying errors on a birth certificate is no longer a cumbersome process, thanks to the advent of Online Birth Certificate Correction services. This transformative approach allows individuals to rectify inaccuracies or update information with unprecedented ease. Whether it’s correcting a spelling mistake, updating a parent’s name, or revising other vital details, the online platform simplifies the entire correction process.

This introduction navigates the realm of Online Birth Certificate Correction, showcasing how technology converges with administrative procedures to provide citizens with a seamless and efficient means of ensuring the accuracy of their vital records. Embrace the convenience of precision through the digital avenues of birth certificate correction.

Process of Online Birth Certificate Correction

  • Step 1- Send in an application to the Issuing Authority:

Firstly, write an application to the Registrar of Births and Deaths under your Municipal Corporation. The Registrar is generally the issuing authority for all states. The letter should contain your old name’s details, your new name’s details, and a brief statement of the reasons for seeking a name change in birth certificate online.

  • Step 2- Produce documents supporting the change sought:

Along with the application, you need to attach some supporting documents. This will include an appropriately notarized affidavit, in case of a name change in birth certificate online. However, if you are looking to change your last name or date of birth, the supporting documents will vary from state to state. For instance, in the city of Bangalore, you will need to fill the  Deed Changing Surname form. In some cases, you might even be required to produce the hospital discharge certificates, when asking for a change in date of birth.

  • Step 3: Undergo the verification stage

After you have submitted all the documents and applications, the Registrar will either accept it or reject it. Generally, if all the documents are correct, the chances of rejection are bleak. However, in case the authority rejects your application for a name change, then you can file a write of mandamus in the respective High Court, requiring the Registrar or other issuing authority, to state reasons for the same.

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  • Step 4: Publish name change in a local newspaper

After the issuing authority approves your application, you should publish a small advertisement in the local newspaper, as a public declaration. The format for the advertisement follows below:

  • Step 5: Publication in the official gazette

This is the final step in the name-change process. In order to have your name recognized legally, you need to publish it in the State Gazette ( like ‘The Delhi Gazette’). A Gazette is a Government publication and in many instances, name change in birth certificate published in the Gazette is insisted on.

For this purpose, you need to write an application to either the State Gazette Office or State Gazette Office. Generally, the application should consist of the following documents:

  • Three copies of individually drafted applications with relevant documents.
  • Copy of affidavit
  • Copy of newspaper advertisement
  • Demand draft of the requisite deed.
  • Attested passport size photos.
  • The matter of the notification that is to be published.

All these documents have to be self-attested by the applicant and one witness. It takes approximately two months from the date of your application for the gazette publication to occur, however, it might even take longer. Once published, obtain copies of the gazette publication where your advertisement appears for all future purposes.

How to get Online Birth Certificate Correction in Gazette Website?

What is a name change publication?

A name change publication is a legal notice that announces your intention to change your name. It is typically published in the official gazette of your state or province. The purpose of the publication is to give anyone with an interest in your name change an opportunity to object.

How to get a name change publication

The process for getting a name change publication varies by jurisdiction. However, the general steps are as follows:

  1. File a petition for a name change: This is a court document that states your reasons for wanting to change your name. You can usually find a petition for a name change at your local courthouse or online.
  2. Pay the filing fee: The filing fee for a name change petition varies by jurisdiction.
  3. Have your petition served on any interested parties. This may include your spouse, your creditors, or anyone else who has a legal interest in your name.
  4. Publish your name change notice in the official gazette: This is usually done by submitting a copy of your petition to the office of the official gazette.
  5. Attend a name change hearing: This is a hearing in which the court will review your petition and make a decision about whether to grant your name change.

Importance of a birth certificate

A birth certificate is a legal document that records the birth of a child. It is an important document for many reasons, including:

  • Establishing identity: A birth certificate is the first legal document that establishes a child’s identity. It contains vital information such as the child’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and parents’ names.
  • Enrolling in school: A birth certificate is required to enrol a child in school.
  • Obtaining a passport: A birth certificate is required to obtain a passport for a child.
  • Getting a driver’s license: A birth certificate is required to get a driver’s license.
  • Voting: A birth certificate is required to register to vote in some jurisdictions.
  • Obtaining Social Security benefits: A birth certificate is required to obtain social security benefits.
  • Obtaining a job: A birth certificate may be required to get a job.
  • Travelling internationally: A birth certificate may be required to travel internationally.

Change of Father/Mother Name in the Birth Certificate:

Let us take an example: You are married to a divorcee and your spouse (wife) already has a child. Further, you are now the child’s stepfather rather than the biological father. You want to change the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate. You can now request that the father’s name be changed on the child’s birth certificate.

However, if you want to change the father’s name on the birth certificate, you may have to adopt the child and have the adoption registered and declared by a court order before you can apply to change the father’s name on the birth certificate. Before you do anything else, make sure to check the adoption eligibility requirements. The same procedure may be required to be followed for changing the mother’s name change in birth certificate.

Important Points on Online Birth Certificate Correction

  1. Every State differs slightly with respect to the procedure of changing the information on a birth certificate, so pay close attention to the guidelines provided by the state government office. 
  2. There is a mandatory fee that you should pay at the time of submitting the application, depending on the state rules. However, the fee is nominal. 
  3. Keep a copy of all documents produced, published, and obtained; it may be requested at any time.
  4. Obtain a copy of the newly modified Birth Certificate from the Registrar of Births and Deaths. There is a nominal pay which you should pay for every copy you wish to obtain.


As we conclude our exploration of Online Birth Certificate Correction, the emphasis lies on the marriage of technology and administrative efficiency. This digital avenue not only corrects inaccuracies but also exemplifies the evolving landscape of vital record management. The convenience and accessibility offered by online correction services mark a significant leap forward in ensuring the accuracy of crucial documents. As citizens navigate the digital realm to rectify birth certificate details, it becomes evident that the fusion of technology with administrative processes is not just a convenience but a testament to the commitment to precision and streamlined services in the modern era. As a result, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a professional service provider who can guide you through the entire process, including follow-up with government officials: Get in touch with Vakilsearch experts today!


Whether the birth certificate be reissued in India?

Yes, it's possible to reissue a birth certificate in India. Visit your local Municipal Corporation Office, provide relevant documents, and follow the reissuance procedure to obtain a duplicate certificate.

How to change name in Birth Certificate Chennai?

To change a name in a birth certificate in Chennai, visit the local Municipal Corporation Office, request the name change application, and submit it with relevant documents. Once verified, you'll receive a revised birth certificate.

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