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Name Change

Affidavit Format for Name Change in India – Draft It

Provide valid reasons for changing/correcting a person's name in an affidavit format. For an affidavit to be valid, it must be signed, witnessed, and notarized appropriately.

Affidavit format – When a written statement of facts that is declared to be true is presented before a person having authority is called an affidavit. The person before whom an affidavit can be sworn in India can be:

  • Executive Magistrate, Judicial Magistrate, any Judge
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • The notary is commissioned under the Notaries Act, of 1952.

Procedure to Draft an Affidavit Format:

For an affidavit to be valid, it must be signed, witnessed, and notarized appropriately. An affidavit format doesn’t need to be drafted by a lawyer. It can be drafted by anyone, regardless of it being a legal document. Although there are different types of affidavits, all of them contain a few common prerequisites like:

  • Title

The title simply states the statement that is being sworn in. The name of the person swearing is to be included. The case number, names of plaintiffs, and defendants are to be mentioned in the affidavit if it is going to be presented in the court

  • Identity

A statement of identity is to be mentioned. The personal information of the deponent (person swearing the affidavit) like name, age, occupation, etc. should be mentioned. The facts relevant to swearing should be mentioned

  • Statement of Truth

It has to be written that the facts stated in the affidavit are true according to the deponent’s knowledge. It needs to be in the first person.

  • Statement of Facts

The relevant facts must be mentioned. It must be precise and clear. While stating the facts, if it involves other individuals, their names and addresses are to be mentioned

  • Reiteration

Before signing off the affidavit, all the facts must be summarised and must be stated that those are true to the knowledge of the deponent

  • Notarise

The final step in finishing an affidavit is the deponent signing it and getting it notarized by the certified authority.

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Significance of Affidavit:

Affidavits predominantly are put to use in the courts of law for legal proceedings and negotiations. Most often, other than in final judgments, orders are given out based on affidavits. It is pertinent to note that, under the Indian Evidence Act, an affidavit is treated as a piece of evidence. Although affidavit format are used both in civil and criminal proceedings, they are largely used in bankruptcy and family law cases.

Format of Affidavit

While it is said that the format of affidavits is often used in the Courts of law:, it doesn’t mean that they are put to use only in complex situations. Format of Affidavits can be used in very normal, cut-and-dry situations as well, like applying for a passport, in case of property issues, in cases where someone wants their name changed or when an address proof is needed, etc., Also it can be used when original documents or certificates are lost. In short, when a situation demands an individual to prove a fact, an affidavit can be used. The following are examples of a few affidavit formats.

Change of Name Affidavit

Due to religious or cultural reasons, few people may intend to have their names changed. Most women consider changing their surname after marriage.  Sometimes, they may wish to make slight modifications in the way their name is spelled. Moreover, in such circumstances, a Name Change Application affidavit format should be filed.

Steps for Changing the Name Legally:

  1. Step 1: Affidavit: Provide valid reasons for changing/correcting a person’s name in an affidavit format.
  2. Step 2: Newspaper Publication: Publish an advertisement regarding the name change in two local newspapers that are circulated in the area of domicile. Further, the copies of the advertisement are to be saved for future reference.
  3. Step 3: Gazette of India Publication: Publish the Notification in the Gazette of India for the Name Change with required Documents and publication charges.

Affidavit Format for Name Change:

I Mr/Ms ____________S/o______________ Daughter of ______________, aged around ______________years, resident of ______________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

  1. That my name as per the records in my educational institution is ______________ (XYZ)
  2. By virtue of this affidavit, I changed my name as _________ on (date of change of name)
  3. Currently all the records have my changed name _________
  4.     That I shall at all times, in all dealings and proceedings sign the name _________   as my name thereby substituting my former name
  5. I am getting a public notice published to this effect in the Newspaper
  6. Also, I state that (earlier name), and the (present name) is the name of the same person, and that is myself.

This declaration is hereby executed and submitted to the concerned authorities to accomplish the change of name.

I hereby state that whatever is stated hereinabove is true to the best of my knowledge.

Solemnly affirmed at ________ )

On this ____ day of ______ 20 ) (Signature of the Applicant).



Verified on this day—————–at ———————that the contents of the affidavit are true and correct, nothing material has been concealed and no part of it is false.


2. Address Proof Affidavit:

An affidavit of residence is typically required for various legal issues. Moreover, for citizens who do not have a valid document for address proof, an affidavit of residence is needed to prove that they reside in the address they claim. The affidavit for address proof is therefore necessary for making an application for a number of documents like the following:

  • Driving license
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Bail
  • Evidence claims

Affidavit Format in English for Address Proof:

I, _________ Son/Daughter of _________, resident of ___________ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

  1. That my date of birth is _________
  2. That I’ve been a resident at the above-mentioned address from _________ years
  3. That I hereby furnish my photograph and initials in this affidavit as proof of my signature and identity
  4. Apart from this affidavit, I have no other documentary proof in support of my residence.



Verified that the contents of my above affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing is concealed therein.

Verified at _________ on _________


Online Affidavit Format Sample:

Thus, affidavits have become very crucial to carry out not only legal activities but also day-to-day proceedings. Affidavit format have been in use right from the British period, wherein they wanted the citizens to take an oath while stating certain facts and the same is being carried out to date. Therefore, there has been an unshakeable belief that the declarations on an affidavit format are nothing but the truth from the pre-independence era.


What is Name Correction Affidavit Format in Word?

A name correction affidavit format in Word is a customizable document template used to officially attest to a change or correction in one's name. It typically includes sections for personal details, the reason for the name correction, and a notarization space for legal validity.

What is the Format of Affidavit for Declaration PDF Download?

The format of an affidavit for declaration in PDF download typically includes a standardized layout with sections for the declarant's personal information, a statement of facts or declarations, and a notary acknowledgment. This downloadable PDF format allows individuals to easily create legally binding declarations for various purposes.

What is format of affidavit in civil suit?

The format of an affidavit in a civil suit typically follows a standardized structure, including a heading with the court's name and case number, a statement of the deponent's personal details, a clear and concise description of the facts or information being attested to, and a section for the deponent's signature and date. This format ensures that affidavits in civil suits are organized and legally valid.

What is the format of an affidavit?

An affidavit typically includes a title, personal details of the affiant, a statement of facts, the signature of the affiant, and a notary public's signature and seal. It should be concise and clearly written.

How to write an affidavit?

To write an affidavit, start with a clear title, provide your personal details, state the facts clearly and truthfully, and end with your signature. It must be notarized by a notary public to be legally valid.

What is the format of the affidavit specimen in Word?

The affidavit specimen in Word includes a header with the title, sections for personal information, a sworn statement of facts, and spaces for signatures and notarization. It should be formatted in a clear, readable font.

Does Microsoft Word have an affidavit template?

Yes, Microsoft Word offers affidavit templates that you can customize to fit your needs. These templates provide a structured format to ensure all necessary elements are included.

What is a good example of an affidavit?

A good example of an affidavit includes the affiant's details, a clear and truthful statement of facts, and a notary public's certification. It should be concise, legally accurate, and formatted properly.

How is an affidavit prepared?

An affidavit is prepared by drafting a written statement of facts, signing it in the presence of a notary public, and having it notarized. The notary's seal and signature confirm its authenticity.

What is the size of an affidavit in MS Word?

The size of an affidavit in MS Word varies, but it typically spans one to two pages, depending on the complexity of the facts stated. It should be formatted to include all necessary legal elements.

Can I download an affidavit form?

Yes, you can download affidavit forms from various legal websites, government portals, or use templates available in Microsoft Word. Ensure it meets the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.

What is proof of an affidavit?

Proof of an affidavit is the notarized document itself, which includes the affiant's sworn statement of facts, their signature, and the notary public's certification. This notarization serves as legal proof.

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