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Name Change

How to Make Affidavit for Name Change Online India?

Discover the simplicity of making a legal affidavit for name change with our expert tips. Here is an article with all the details you should know.


People change names for various reasons. The very first step to legally changing your name is to create an affidavit. This article serves as an explanation of how to write an affidavit for name change, how to use one for a legal name change, etc.,

Change of faith, marriage, personal preferences divorce, gender change are some of the reasons why people desire to change their legal name. A legal name change could mean a change of an initial, the entire name, replacing the surname, addition of a surname, spelling correction, among others.

The only eligibility for the legal name change is that the petitioner should be aged above 18 years. For minors, the parent or the guardian can apply for a legal change of name.

name change

What Is an Affidavit?

An affidavit serves as an oath. It is a document wherein you mention a statement and make a declaration that the statement mentioned therein is true of your knowledge. It is a written statement that is sworn before a person with the authority to administer an oath. In the case of an affidavit for administrative uses such as one for the legal name change, it can be attested by a notary.

An affidavit can be used to change a person’s full name, add, remove, or replace a part of the name, or alter just a few letters in the name.

Writing an Affidavit for Name Change

You need to keep in mind the following details while creating an affidavit for name change:

  1. You need to mention your current name and the proposed new name. Be careful about the spelling when mentioning your proposed new name
  2. The affidavit must mention your complete current address. This should be the same address mentioned in your identity proofs
  3. You need to affix a passport size photograph on the affidavit
  4. For the purpose of the legal name change, you will have to print the affidavit on a stamp paper of ₹10 or ₹20 or any other minimal value as required by the state. The affidavit has to be signed by two witnesses
  5. According to the legal process, the affidavit must be signed by two persons of gazetted officer rank, along with a rubber stamp on it and get it notarised from the nearest notary office
  6. You must save a copy of the affidavit as it might be useful for future legal requirements
  7. For NRIs who desire to change their legal name, they must file a document for the legal name change, and get it attested by the Indian High Commission or the Indian Embassy.

Name Change Affidavit Format

I ____ (Applicant Name as per id proof), S/O. W/O. D/O ____residing at _______(Address as per address proof) do solemnly affirm and stated as under: That my name has been recorded as (old name) in all the educational certificates and other relevant documents. That by virtue of this affidavit, I changed my name from (old name) to (new name) and henceforth I shall be known as the (new name) for all purposes. I shall be known and addressed as for all future purposes. That the facts stated above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my former and adopted name/surname of………….. And ……… affix my signature and seal, if any, this ………………….. Day of ………Signed sealed and delivered by the above name Date……… Former name…………… In the presence of Name……………….. Address ………………..


You can opt for Vakilsearch’s services for not just an affidavit, but the entire legal name change process. The best part is that you don’t have to visit our offices. You can just sign with us online and send us the documents and details, and we can get your name legally changed for you.


How long does the online name change process usually take?

The complete procedure of name change in India typically takes 20-30 days.

Do I need to pay a fee for changing my name online?

Yes, the first step for an online name change is drafting an affidavit for a name change, which requires obtaining an e-stamp paper of Rs. 10 - 20 or the minimum value required by the respective state.

What should I do after changing my name online?

After submitting an initial name change application, your name will be published in the official national gazette, and you will receive a soft copy of the gazette with the details of the e-publication page.

Can I change my child's name online?

Yes, you can change your child's name online with the help of the name-change experts at Vakilsearch. Request a callback from our experts right away!

What if I made a mistake in my online name change application?

Information on correcting a mistake in an online name change application is not available in the provided search results.

Can I revert to my original name after changing it online?

If you wish to change your name once again and revert to your original name, you can do so easily. All you need to do is request a callback from our experts right away!

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer for an online name change?

It is not explicitly necessary to hire a lawyer for an online name change, but legal processes for name change in India can be quite complex, hence it is recommended that you choose to seek legal assistance

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