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Want to change your name? Read this. You may find your reason. You are absolutely free to change your name at any time. Ask us. We are here to give you a very pleasant name changing experience.

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How does Name Change service work?

Name Change is done by users for personal, spiritual and professional reasons, We help individuals legally change his/her name hassle-free.

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Our team will set up a seamless process for data collection.

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Application Preparation

Our team will prepare your application and submit it to the concerned department.

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Additionally, Vakilsearch is there to help you throughout the process.

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Top reasons for name change in India|Name Change Basis

People change names for different reasons, whether it is for religion change, marriage, numerology, astrology, or even for no reason at all. It is perfectly fine for anybody to change the name in India unless it is not for any illegal or fraudulent activity. As it is a big decision, the name change process has to be done legally, following a set of procedures. All the steps have to be followed meticulously as going back to the original name is a costly affair and yet again involves a lot of paperwork.

Here we have enlisted some of the top reasons for the name change.

1. Fancy for a new name

Sometimes, people dislike their names, owing to the fact that they are old and traditional or maybe even funny. They change it to something more unique than a homespun one, combining both the parents’ names.

2. Changing name after divorce:

Women who have already taken their spouse’s name upon marriage may want to get back to their maiden name upon divorce. However, the process may take quite a long time and might differ from state to state. So it is better to check with the local laws and take the help of professional service providers.

3. Couples who are combining surnames

These days it is a trend for married couples to combine parts of their names and recreate a whole new one or by simply adding hyphenations between both their names. Again it is important to verify whether the laws allows punctuations in the names.

4. Religious reasons:

India is a country having several different religions and communities, of which nine are main, and every citizen has the liberty to practice any religion as they wish. People who tend to convert would also like to change their name, in line with their new religious laws. Also, it is mandatory to get the religion change done legally in India and this involves the publication in the Central Gazette.

5. Avoid confusions:

People with names that are difficult to pronounce, or spellings that create confusions, or names that are identical decide to change their identity.

6. Gender change:

If an individual changes their gender, the same has to reflect in their names too. Depending on their conversion, the name could be masculine, feminine, combined one or even a common name.

7. Changing name after marriage:

Although it is not mandatory for women to change their maiden names after marriage, many go for it as it is regarded as a tradition in Indian families. In addition, it might create a sense of unity and belonging. However, changing name after marriage does require a copy of the marriage certificate.

8. Astrological or numerological changes:

Some people believe their names create a great impact on their destinies. Given the fact that India is a land of tradition and culture, there are different forms of astrology and numerology and each has own ideologies. Many choose to change their identities to increase prosperity, health, money, and so on. It could be a slight tweaking of their spelling, changing their names, etc.

9. Political statements:

This may sound extreme but still people who consider a need to support a cause, political leaders or any political reasons do change their name legally.

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Why Vakilsearch for Name Change in India?

At Vakilsearch, our team of experts take the burden off from you when you want to initiate the name change procedure in India. We assist you at each stage of the online name change process, which entails:

  • Name Change Affidavit Creation
  • Newspaper Publication
  • Gazette Notification

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