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Name Change

How to Get your Name Change Certificate in India?

This blog unfolds the intricacies of obtaining a Name Change Certificate in India, offering a step-by-step walkthrough and highlighting the essential requirements. Whether due to marriage, personal choice, or other reasons, understanding this process ensures a smooth transition and legal recognition of the changed name.


In India, the process of changing your name is remarkably accessible and uncomplicated, setting it apart from many other parts of the world. Contrary to common misconceptions, the procedure is relatively easy. This article provides insights into the surprisingly uncomplicated steps for changing your name in India, offering clarity on a process that might seem more daunting than it is. Continue reading to unravel the simplicity behind this legal transition.

How to Get Your Name Change Certificate in India?

Application Submission

Apply for a name change to the respective authorities. This often involves providing details about the current and desired names.

Affidavit Preparation

Prepare an affidavit stating the reason for the Name Change. This document needs to be notarized by a judicial magistrate or notary public.

Publication of the Change

Publish an advertisement about the intended name change in at least two local newspapers. This is a mandatory step to inform the public about the change.

Verification Process

After publication, the authorities may conduct an inquiry to ensure the legitimacy of the name change request.

Gazette Notification

Once verified, apply for a Gazette notification. This step involves submitting the necessary documents to the Gazette of India for official approval.

Application to Authorities

Apply for a Name Change Certificate along with the affidavit, newspaper clippings, and other required documents to the respective authorities.

Certificate Issuance

Upon successful verification, the authorities issue the Name Change Certificate, providing legal recognition to the changed name.

It is essential to consult with legal professionals or local authorities to ensure compliance with specific requirements in your jurisdiction, as procedures may vary across states in India.

Reasons for Changing Your Name Legally in India

There might be a variety of reasons for such a relocation. When a woman marries, she takes her husband’s surname. There might also be a variety of additional factors, such as astrology, greater appropriateness, shortening lengthy names, and so on. Nevertheless, the process is worth the hassle.

Is Changing Your Name Legal in India?

Yes, changing your name is legal in India, and individuals have the right to do so for various reasons. The process is governed by legal provisions that allow individuals to change their names legally. This can be done for reasons such as marriage, personal preference, religious conversion, or other valid grounds. However, it is crucial to follow the prescribed legal procedures and documentation to ensure that the name change is legally recognized. Obtaining a legal Name Change Certificate is often part of this process, providing official documentation of the changed name

As most of your official documents have already been issued, changing your name in India may appear to be a lengthy procedure. However, if you feel the need to alter your name or the names of your children at any point, it is worthwhile. This is because the importance of feeling like yourself should exceed the inconvenience of the procedure.

Sample Advertisement For A Name Change

Every newspaper will have a column dedicated to such Name Change Online India notices and will be able to assist you with this endeavor. Here’s a simple example. Assume that Ram wishes to alter his name to Shyam.

I, Ram, now residing at, have changed my name to Shyam and will henceforth be known as Shyam. I’ve provided an affidavit to that effect, which has been signed by me.

After getting married, women who want to alter their surname usually include their husband’s name and residence as well in such notices.

What Are the Fees for Notification in the Gazette?

Going to the costs for changing your name in the Gazette. The government will be in charge of notifying the public of any changes to your name in the Gazette. Depending on whether you want public notice or not, the price for Gazette notifications can range from ₹ 700 to ₹ 900.

Cash or a demand draft/postal order in favor of the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054 are both acceptable methods of payment. If you’re submitting it in person, you may do so at the above-mentioned address, or you can courier/speed post the envelope together with all necessary information to the aforementioned address.

Why Vakilsearch?

  • The first step is to contact our team to get a professionally drafted affidavit on stamp paper declaring your intention to change your name and have it notarized on your behalf under our expert guidance.
  • We will then announce your new name in two local newspapers once we’ve finalized and filed the affidavit. Both the previous and new names will be revealed in the advertisement in the appropriate format.
  • We will also ensure that all documents required to change your name in the official gazette: are kept handy.
  • After that, assuming there are no objections, we will have your change of name published in the Indian Gazette after paying the prescribed fee.


In conclusion, changing your name is entirely legal in India, offering individuals the flexibility to do so for personal, cultural, or practical reasons. The process, though regulated, is designed to be accessible, allowing individuals to navigate a legal transition seamlessly. Whether motivated by marriage, personal preference, or other valid grounds, the legal framework in India supports and recognizes the right to change one’s name. By following the prescribed procedures and obtaining a Name Change Certificate, individuals can ensure the official recognition of their changed name, contributing to a straightforward and legitimate transition.

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