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How to Change Name in Pan Card After Marriage Online in India?

Explore the definitive guide on changing or correcting your name on a PAN card effortlessly. Learn step-by-step procedures and the online process for name change or correction on your PAN card, ensuring accurate and hassle-free updates. Discover everything you need to know about PAN card name change or correction procedures online.

By 30 June 2023, PAN must be linked to Aadhaar. Otherwise, it will become inoperable on the 1st July 2023.

A Permanent Account Number is a crucial document as it helps facilitate high-value transactions in India. Additionally, it serves as proof of identity and is essential if you wish to file your Income tax returns. Hence, the PAN card helps the government keep track of all our financial data and history and regulate transactions within the country. Since it also acts as proof of identity, applicants must take care to ensure that all the details on their PAN card remain accurate. Women in India often change their surname after marriage. In such cases, they will have to reflect the changes in their documents as well as in PAN cards after marriage. Read on to learn more about how women can Change the Name on the PAN Card After Marriage.

How to Change Name on Pan Card After Marriage?

Indian women often add their husbands’ names to their names following marriages. In case they do so, they must update all their documents to reflect this change. Hence, women often have to correct and update their Aadhaar, driving licence, voter’s ID and PAN card after marriage. Here’s a quick look at how women can change their name on their PAN card after marriage.

  1. First and foremost, applicants must visit the official website of the TIN-NSDL or UTIITSL
  2. Find the form for making changes to the PAN card and fill in the details correctly and carefully
  3. Next, users must upload scanned copies of supporting documents to substantiate their request for a name change
  4. Make sure you quote your PAN number correctly in the form to prevent errors
  5. Once you have double-checked all your entries, click on Validate and then Submit
  6. You will then be redirected to a payment portal from where you can pay the processing fee via debit/credit card, net banking, or cash card
  7. After making the payment, download and print out a copy of the PAN correction form and affix photographs in the space provided and sign across the photo
  8. Next, send the application form along with self-attested copies of the supporting documents to either the NSDL or UTIITSL office
  9. After successful submission, you will receive a 15-digit acknowledgement number which you can use to track the status of your correction request.
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Paperless e-KYC for PAN Name Change Following Marriage

Applicants may opt for the paperless e-KYC option when filling the form. If you choose this method, you will not have to submit additional documents and the application form to either NSDL or UTIITSL office via post. Applicants can complete their paperless e-KYC through the following methods.

  1. Aadhaar e-KYC with e-Sign:
  2. Scanned documents or DigiLocker docs with e-Sign
  3. Scanned documents or DigiLocker docs with Digital Signature Certificate

Documents Required

If the applicant is changing their name as a result of marriage, then they may submit any one of the following documents:

  1. Marriage certificate 
  2. Marriage invitation card
  3. Publication of online name change in the gazette
  4. Copy of passport with husband’s name
  5. Certificate issued by a Gazetted officer 

Things to Keep in Mind 

Make sure you check only the required boxes while filling the PAN correction form. Applicants can opt for a PAN card or e-PAN by ticking the correct box in this form. 

  1. Applicants may use either the TIN-NSDL website or the UTIITSL portal to correct and update their PAN card
  2. In case the applicant wants an entirely online process, they must opt for the e-signing using the  Aadhaar OTP method
  3. However, unless you choose a paperless e-KYC option, you will have to send self-attested copies of your documents and the form to the concerned authority
  4. The payment fee amounts to ₹107 if your address is in India, and ₹1017 in case your residential address is outside India.

Charge for Name Change in PAN Card After Marriage

Here’s a quick look at the various processing fees for PAN card name change after marriage.

S No Type of Application Indian Address Foreign Address
1 PAN and e-PAN (Offline) 107 1017
2 PAN and e-PAN (Paperless) 101 1011
3 e-PAN (Offline) 72
4 e-PAN(Paperless) 66
NSDL Address to send documents

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, 

Plot No. 341,

Survey No. 997/8, 

Model Colony,

Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, 

Pune-411 016.

UTIITSL Address to send documents

New Delhi Area

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited

1/28 Sunlight Building, 

Asaf Ali Road,

NEW DELHI -110002

Mumbai Area

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited,

Plot No. 3, Sector 11, 

CBD Belapur,

NAVI MUMBAI – 400614

Kolkata Area

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited,

29, N. S. Road, Ground Floor,

Opp. Gillander House and Standard Chartered Bank,

KOLKATA – 700001

Chennai Area

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited

D-1, First Floor, 

Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate,

Guindy, CHENNAI – 600032

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