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Why Marriage Registration is Important? Things you need to know

In India, marriage certificates are not taken seriously and many people are getting married without following any legal formalities. Let's quickly move to know the importance of acquiring a marriage registration certificate.

The registration of marriages in India is not taken lightly, but it has a great deal of importance for the society and the people.

Marriage certificate can use later on when you need to apply for any kind of government job or any other official document like passport etc.

It is also important to register your marriage so you can find out what your family’s status is. It is also possible to obtain information about your spouse’s family members if you are married. This way you will be able to know about their financial condition as well.

In addition, if you want to change your name after getting married, you must do this. After getting married, you must go through this process again.

It is crucial that you register yourself with the local registrar office if you are planning to get married. You can do this by going to the nearest registrar office and filling up the form there.

Why Marriage Registration is Important?

1) To get a passport

2) To apply for visa

3)To file income tax returns

4)To obtain a driving license

5 To open bank account

6)For property transactions

7)To get a job

8)To buy a house or flat

9)To avail government benefits

10)To avail pension

11)To avail insurance

12)To avail medical facilities

13)To avail education facilities

14)To avail other services from the government

15)To take admission into a college / university

16)To register your child as an adult

17)To change name of your spouse

18)To adopt a minor

19)To get a divorce

20)To get a passport

21)To get a new passport

22)To get a passport with a different name

23)To get a passport for a person who was born out of wedlock

24)To get a passport if you have lost your original passport

25)To get a passport when you need to travel abroad

Benefits of registering marriage in India

The main benefit of marriage registration certificate is that you will be able to get a passport, a visa and a number of other documents such as driving license, bank accounts etc. Registering your marriage will enable you to get a passport.

The next benefit of registering your marriage would be that you can also file your Income Tax Returns. You can easily fill up forms online. This way you do not have to go to the office.

Apply For Marriage Certificate

You can also open a Bank Account after registering your marriage. Banks offer many options for opening bank accounts. They are easy to open. You simply need to provide them with a copy of your marriage certificate.

You can also avail all the government benefits such as free electricity, gas, water and so on. Claiming these benefits is easy. Just make sure that you keep proof of your marriage.

If you want to avail any service from the government then you must first register your marriage.

Procedure for getting Marriage Certificate

There are two ways by which you can get your marriage registered. One is through a Marriage Registrar Office (MRO). Another is through a Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office.

Registering Marriage Through MRO

Marriage registration is very much important because it helps to know about your family history and a marriage registrar is a government official who registers marriages. He is responsible for maintaining records of births, deaths and marriages. A marriage registrar keeps track of the details of every marriage he registers.

Marriage Registrars are usually appointed by the local authorities. Their responsibility is to keep certain records regarding marriages. These records include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, adoption certificates, etc.

In case of a common law marriage, there is no requirement of a Marriage Registrar. However, it is advisable to get your Marriage registration at the earliest.

Registering Marriage through Sub-Divisional Officer

Sub-divisional magistrates are officials appointed by the state governments. In addition to enforcing laws related to public health, sanitation, and education, they also provide welfare services. In some states they are also responsible for recording births, deaths and marriages in their respective areas.

Sub-divisions are administrative units under district administration. Each sub-division has one or more than one SDMs.

SDMs are responsible for maintaining records of marriages and divorces. Marriage licenses are also issued by SDMs.

Documents required for Marriage Registration

1) Original Birth Certificate

2) Original Death Certificate (if applicable )

3) Original Marriage Certificate

4) Original Divorce Certificate ( if applicable)

5) Passport Copy

6) Photo Identity Card

7) Aadhaar card

8) Voter ID card

9) Driving License

10) PAN card

11) Income Tax Returns

12) Property Documents

13) Electricity Bill

14) Water Bill

15) Telephone Bill

16) Landline Bill

17) Mobile Phone Bill

18) Driving License


Hope the above article regarding marriage registration importance will be helpful for you. You can ask the experts at Vakilsearch any questions about marriage registration, and we will provide you with the best solution.

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