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Applying for Tatkal Marriage Certificate in India: A Complete Guide

Learn how you can apply and register for a tatkal marriage certificate in India in this blog. 

A certificate of marriage is an official document of the union of two people. If you got married recently, or if you are going to get married anytime soon, you will have to apply for a marriage certificate. Also, if you have plans to move abroad soon after your marriage, you may need to get your marriage certificate in hand as early as possible. And in such a case, a tatkal marriage certificate application process can help. 

Marriage certificates are the legal proof of a marriage in a court and at other social institutions. The certificate of marriage includes the couple’s name, date of marriage, the signature of the witnesses, their respective addresses, PAN numbers, etc.  Basically, these certificates are an essential document in a couple’s life and should be kept handy. Now, let’s find out who all are eligible for a Tatkal Marriage Certificate in India. 

What is the Eligible Age for Opting for a Marriage Certificate?

Here are the criteria that have to be followed for getting a marriage certificate online or offline –

  • Married couples applying for marriage certificates should be married; 
  • The bride’s age must be 18, and the groom’s age must be 21;
  • There should be absolutely no forbidden relationship between the groom and the bride.

What are the Laws of a Marriage Registration in India?

Following are the laws under which a couple can register their marriage:

  • Hindu Marriage Act of 1955
  • 1954 Special Marriage Law 
  • Christian Marriage Law of India 1872 
  • 1939’s Marriage Law of Muslims
  • 2012’s Anand Karaj Law 

What is a Tatkal Marriage Certificate?

A tatkal marriage certificate is equivalent to a Online Marriage Registration. However, in the event of an urgent requirement for a certificate of marriage, the Indian government also offers a choice of applying for a Tatkal marriage registration certificate for the couples.

This aids in getting a marriage certificate quicker than the usual process. However, this urgent registration requires the applicant to pay a little more money. It’s a good option for those in an urgency to get a Tatkal marriage certificate for specific official work and those who can’t wait for the entire procedure to complete.

What are the Documents Needed for Registration of a Tatkal Marriage Certificate? 

Although the documents needed for the Tatkal marriage certificate are almost the same as that of normal  Marriage registration, there can be minor additions in this case.

The following are the documents required for Tatkal marriage registration:

  • You can submit your Aadhar Card or PAN card as proof of age. The only criteria are that the document should be government authorised;
  • Proof of address of either the bride or the groom is to be submitted depending on the SDM area approached;
  • Both the groom and the bride must attest to the registration application form; 
  • A marriage affidavit is to be submitted by the couple separately, including the date of marriage, date of birth, and the place of marriage;
  • Both bride and groom have to submit their passport size photograph in the documents; 
  • The original wedding card of the couple needs to be submitted;
  • An important document that is the identity proof of the witness of the marriage needs to be submitted;
  • Passport-sized photograph of the witness to be submitted;
  • Important ceremonial wedding photos, including Varmala, Mang Tikka, Feras, Mangal Sutra, and more, need to be submitted along with the documents;
  •  In case of divorce from a previous marriage, the decree of divorce needs to be submitted;
  •  If the ex-spouse dies, the death certificate from the local government is to be submitted;
  •  Marriage Registration Form A.

What is the Usual Time to Get a Tatkal Marriage Certificate?

The Tatkal itself means fast, so the procedure of Tatkal is as fast as it gets. It is usually quicker than the standard procedure for obtaining a marriage certificate. So, the couples looking to register their marriage urgently or immediately look for Tatkal marriage registration certificates. Generally, it takes about 13 days to get a Tatkal marriage certificate which means three business days. But, as far as the Tatkal program is concerned, it uploads marriage certificates within a day of approval.

Step by Step Procedure for Obtaining Tatkal Marriage Certificates

  • Sign up for the county of the city or state where you live. For example, if you are from Delhi, you can register in – district Delhi;
  • Create a simple account using your Aadhar or Voter ID card;
  • Type every single detail of the couple and the witnesses;
  • Apply for affidavit in the correct format as stated;
  • Once SDM accepts the format, upload all documents; 
  • The next step is to make a reservation. SDM will review the file and set a date to register the marriage;
  • Finally, you will receive your marriage certificate once everything is reviewed properly. 

What is the Fees Structure Followed in Tatkal Marriage Registration 

The government fee structure for Tatkal marriage registration – begins at 2500 and depends on the law under which the marriage has been registered.


In this article, we have described the procedure for registering the Tatkal marriage certificate and listed all the documents required for the process to take place. There can be situations of urgency where one needs a marriage certificate as early as possible, and that is when a need for a Tatkal marriage certificate arises. Sometimes couples are looking to shift their base or need to submit a document to move abroad. Then they might require a Tatkal marriage certificate. 

Governments have made the process more accessible, and you can get your Tatkal marriage certificate within 24 hours by uploading all the essential documents. Only if you upload all the documents correctly will only the officials verify them and get your credentials as soon as possible. However, if the documents are not submitted correctly, you might have to follow the process again, and then it would take more time than usual to get a Tatkal Marriage Certificate. 

FAQs on Tatkal Marriage Certificate

How can I get a tatkal marriage certificate in India?

  • To register your marriage online, visit the district website of your state or city
  • Create a user account using your Aadhar or Voter ID card. Input all necessary details for the couple and witnesses
  • Utilise the provided affidavit format, following the guidance to create your own
  • Once the format is accepted by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), upload all required documents. Proceed to schedule an appointment
  • During the appointment, the SDM will verify the file, and upon approval, your marriage registration will be finalised
  • Your official marriage certificate will then be issued to you.

Can I get a marriage certificate in one day in India?

The time required varies depending on the process. Make sure to get clear details from top legal experts.

What is the cost of Tatkal court marriage in Delhi?

The cost varies due to various reasons. For more tailor made information get in touch with our experts today.

How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Delhi?

Usually Marriage Registration certificates are issued within 14 days. But in some cases and documentation delays the time period might change.

Can we get married in 1 day?

The marriage ceremony can be completed in a day but the legalities of registering the marriage and getting the certificate might take time.

How can I get my marriage certificate fast in India?

The best way is to get expert support for filling the marriage certificate in India. Vakilsearch offers complete legal support for completing the process of registration online.

How can I prove my marriage without a certificate?

1.A testimonial from the clergy or a public official officiating the marriage
2.Witness statements, newspaper coverage, or photographic evidence of the ceremony
3. Joint travel documents like plane tickets or hotel reservations
4.Marriage affidavits from relatives, friends, or other relevant individuals
5.Personal, business, or official records reflecting your marital status.

What is the time period of marriage certificates in India?

There isn't actually a time limit! After the ceremony, you can register your marriage at any time. Nevertheless, in order to prevent complications and needless delays in receiving the certificate, it is advisable to complete it as soon as possible.

Can I get a marriage certificate anywhere in India?

You will have to apply in the jurisdiction of either the groom or the bride. For more information get in touch with our experts today.

Is a marriage certificate required for a passport?

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, a marriage certificate is not mandatory for passport applications.

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