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Name Change

A Comprehensive Guide to Legally Changing Your Name in India

In this article, we shall take a step-by-step look at how an individual can change their birth name as per official records.


Our given names are assigned to us without our consent, and while it may be impractical to consult a newborn on their name, individuals might later wish to change it for various reasons. Whether for business, numerology, astrology, marriage-related adjustments, or personal preference, changing one’s name is a right. In this guide, we will outline the legal process for changing your name in India.

The Significance of Name Changes

Names carry substantial personal identity and are often changed for reasons such as marriage, numerology, astrology, religious beliefs, gender transitions, personal preference, or even political motivations.

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Legal Rules for Name Changes

While Indian law permits citizens to change their names, there are specific rules:

  1. You cannot change your name to hide your real identity.
  2. You cannot change your name to avoid your debt liabilities or escape from legal issues.
  3. The court will not allow you to change your name to that of a famous person unless you prove you have no intention to mislead anyone. 
  4. You cannot choose an obscene or an offensive name.
  5. You cannot choose a complicated name that involves punctuation and numerals.  
Name Change for Individuals Under 18  The process for individuals below 18 differs and has specific requirements. 

Required Documents for Name Change

To complete the legal name change process in India, the following documents are essential:

  1. Affidavit signed by the applicant and attested by a notary.
  2. Original newspaper with the name change advertisement.
  3. Prescribed proforma with applicant and witness signatures.
  4. Compact disc containing a soft copy of the application.
  5. Certificate declaring the truthfulness of document content.
  6. Self-attested passport-size photographs.
  7. Photocopy of valid ID proof, self-attested.
  8. Request letter along with required fees.
Submitting the Documents: Print and send the documents to The Controller of Publications, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054, along with the specified fees.

Legal Procedure for Name Change

Follow these three steps to change your name officially:

  1. Create an Affidavit With the Necessary Details and Get It Attested

Create an affidavit for the name change, including the following details:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Father’s name or husband’s name
  • Complete residential address
  • A statement declaring your willingness to opt for a name change, confirming the accuracy of the provided information

Sign the affidavit at the designated place, and ensure it is attested by a Judicial Magistrate, Notary, or an Oaths Commissioner.

  1. Advertise the Name Change in Two Newspapers

After obtaining the affidavit, proceed to publish an advertisement in two newspapers. This advertisement should feature both your old and new names, your address and the names of the witnessing and attesting authority. If the applicant is a government employee, adhere to the rules outlined in the Office Memorandum No. 19016/01/87 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and submit a deed for the change of name.

  1. Submit Newspapers, Affidavits, and Identity Proofs to the Department of Publication

Submit the newspapers, along with the affidavit and identity proofs, to the Department of Publication. This submission will result in receiving a change of name gazette notification. Note that this step is optional for applicants who are not government employees. Ensure all required documents are submitted correctly to avoid any complications in the process.

Note – In case an applicant is living abroad, then he/she must submit the deed  (original)  attested by the Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission to the concerned Authority

Why Do You Need to Update Your Name on PAN Card?

The PAN Card is an authorized document that serves as crucial ID proof. You arerequired to produce a PAN card for every bank transaction. In case of discrepancy or if you wish to get your name changed on a PAN card, you would need to follow the steps given below.

Changing Name on PAN Card

To update your name on a PAN card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Tax Information Network website.
  2. Select “Apply Online” and choose the option for changing or correcting PAN data.
  3. Enter the required details and submit the form.
  4. Receive a token number via email.
  5. Fill out the PAN application form, verify details, and update the signature.
  6. Receive an acknowledgment slip with an acknowledgment number for tracking the update status.


While changing your name is straightforward, seeking expert guidance is advisable to avoid mistakes. Moreover, government employees may not prioritize name changes, making the process seem complex. For assistance, contact us for the right guidance. Vakilsearch experts tailor top-tier support services based on your needs!

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