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e-Nagar Palika Portal Registration Process, Service

The Madhya Pradesh government established the centralised portal known as e-Nagar Palika to provide e-Government to the state's citizens.


To offer e-Government to the people of the state, the Madhya Pradesh government created the e-Nagar Palika Indore, a centralised portal. The government’s planned Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation (AMRUT) will use e-Nagar Palika as a centralised hub to connect numerous cities. 

The people can easily access government services thanks to the connection of all municipalities and corporations via this digital platform. The e-Nagar Palika is examined in-depth in this article.

e-Nagar Palika Indore Citizen Service

By providing all citizens with access to this portal, the Madhya Pradesh government had also embraced it. Following are some examples of citizen services provided by the portal:

  • Registration of Births
  • Registration of Deaths
  • Marriage Registration 
  • Payment of Property Taxes, 
  • Water Connection Bills
  • Burn NOC
  • Requesting the collection of trash (Paid Service) 
  • Debris Collection Request (Paid Service)
  • Request for a Certificate of Evidence and a Fire Extinguishing Service (Paid Service) 
  • Submission of Septic Tank and Sewerage Cleaning Request (Paid Service)
  • Asking for a water tanker (Paid Service) 
  • Calling for an ambulance (Free Service) 
  • Request for a Portable Restroom (Free Service) 
  • Request for Hearse (Memorial service Van) (Free Service)

The citizen can apply for the aforementioned services online and monitor the progress of their applications. The public is urged to use this portal to pay for prompt services online. If there are any complaints, citizens may do so online. They may also monitor the progress of their complaints.

e-Nagar Palika Indore Businesses Service

The aforementioned services are available to businesspeople through this portal.

  • Registration Hoarding
  • Holding onto new applications
  • Compensation for hoarding
  • Trade Permit
  • Online Trade License application
  • the cost of a trade licence
  • Trade License Certificates can be downloaded.
  • Renewal of a trade licence via online form
  • Trading Statement

e-Nagar Palika Tree Cutting/ Tree Transit

With the following list of services, this service offers the user benefits.

  • Procedure for cutting trees
  • Request to Cut a Tree (Paid SErvice)
  • Login to TRee cutting
  • Payment and Status Check (Tree Cutting Application)
  • Download a certificate for tree cutting.
  • Tree Transit Method
  • For Tree Transit Request (Paid Service)
  • Payment for Tree Transit
  • Download the Tree Transit Certificate.

e-Nagar Palika Grievance

A grievance service is offered to users through this portal. If a user wishes to file a complaint regarding any departmental services, they may do so through the New Grievance form. They may also follow the status of their complaint through the Track Grievance form.

e-Nagar Palika Portal Registration Process

To register for the various department services, citizens can do so on the e-Nagar Palika website by following the instructions listed below:

  • Select the Service

    • Step 1: From the above-described list of functions, the applicant must choose the appropriate services.
  • Choose the City

    • Step 2: The page will redirect to the next page after you choose the service, where you must select your city and then click the “Continue” button.
  • Form of Application

    • Step 3: On the following page, after choosing your city, you can access the application form to use the service.

NOTE: As proof of successfully submitting an application, applicants receive acknowledgement numbers after submitting their applications.

Track e-Nagar Palika Application Status Online

The Madhya Pradesh e-Nagar Palika portal can be used to check the application status online. To view the status of your application, click on Citizen Service Application Status and enter your application number.


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