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What Should You Do for Fast Online Legal Consultation?

Are you looking to consult a lawyer online? Find out how you can get quick legal help online. Read this blog now to know more.

Often now and then, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance. It could be in the form of legal advice concerning a matter or help with drafting a document or agreement. You must always seek legal counsel because the law is complex, lawyers are trained to challenge pieces of evidence in sophisticated matters, presenting or filing the wrong document could reflect badly on your case, and advocates are trained to navigate any problem that may arise during court proceedings or while negotiating settlements.

It is tempting to overlook professional legal help in simple legal matters or situations such as business contracts, property agreements, settling disputes with family members, drafting a will, and many others. Professional legal help is a necessity because everything we do or relate with is greatly affected by the law. If you are not trained in the law, you’ll not be able to accurately interpret law however simple it may appear to you. 

The internet has revolutionized the way people access legal services, gone are the days when you had to walk to the lawyer’s office to make consultations, you could now get legal advice on almost all legal matters from the comfort of your sofa. All you need is a decent internet connection, an internet-enabled device, and websites where you can get professional legal advice.

Online legal consultations are provided by individual lawyers, law firms, and digital content providers. Yes, not everyone who offers legal advice online is a trained lawyer. You should be very careful when looking for legal guidance online because there are all sorts of information out there, and some may not be sound legal advice. Some websites offer free legal consultations, some charge a fee, and those claiming to offer free advice will not help you until you provide your credit card details.

Before you consult anyone online make sure they have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide solid legal advice. Check to be sure they have the expertise or experience in handling legal matters related to yours. It also helps to read reviews from previous clients, it’ll give you an idea about how good or bad the company is. After doing due diligence and picking out a legal firm to consult, it is time to put yourself together to make the call. Below are some of the things you should do to get quality legal consultations online.

Define Your Problem or Legal Concern

The success of any kind of consultation largely depends on how clearly you can articulate the matter or problem for which you are seeking guidance, advice, or help. You must be able to effectively communicate your issue to the lawyer, and that is only possible if you have determined what the problem is and how you hope to be helped or advised. If you are paying for the consultations, chances are you’ll be charged per hour, so it helps your legal problem be well defined.

You could write down key points about the issue in a notebook so that you don’t forget when you make the call. You may even rehearse your story or concerns before calling the lawyer so that you can confidently state your issue. However, some firms offer email consultants, in this case, you are required to write down in detail the legal concern. The email shouldn’t be unnecessarily long, make it succinct, and only include relevant information.

Do Comprehensive Research About Online Legal Services

It is worth noting and repeating that you must do in-depth research about an online legal portal or firm before consulting them. There are all kinds of people and businesses online, don’t get shocked when you encounter many people posing as lawyers. Most licensed firms or legal portals will indicate and provide evidence to the effect that they are registered and licensed to offer legal consultations. Some portals act as third parties, to connect lawyers with clients. Just be sure you are getting advice from someone with the required expertise.

It’ll help if you consult a lawyer or law firm that is specialized in the field where you seek help. If you are seeking consultations about how to handle your divorce, it is better to consult a divorce lawyer, chances are they could have handled an issue like yours before.

Set Appropriate Time for Consultations

Online consultations can happen anywhere you are. It can be done while you are on the train, driving, cooking, at work, and doing other things. While you may be great at multitasking, you may want to consult your lawyer during times when you’ll have full attention. The law is complex, any small mistake could ruin your case, or open you to costly liabilities. You should be in a position to give the consultant your undivided attention. Most online consulting services will give options for times to set consultation appointments. Choose the time when you’ll not be engaged to minimize unnecessary interruptions.

Don’t Give Out Your Bank or Credit Card Details Unless You Are Sure

Some websites offer free legal consultations and some charge for the said services. Regardless of whether you consult a website that charges or not, you mustn’t share your financial details until you are sure you are dealing with the right people. Check for the closed lock symbol at the beginning of the website URL, this is what indicates the security of your data on any website, the closed lock shows that your data is encrypted and therefore secure, avoid websites that don’t have this feature.


The world today revolves around the internet, and every aspect of our lives is affected by the internet. It gives people from all walks of life access to information and resources they would normally not have. There are still people who fear lawyers because of misconceptions and myths about lawyers being expensive or unscrupulous. Online legal consultations help to make legal services accessible to all kinds of people, including those who cannot afford hiring lawyers. To get quality legal guidance, you can perform a simple search on about any legal concern.

Vakilsearch has an extensive resource on any legal matter you may imagine, from drafting legal documents to filing tax returns, they provide a wide range of support. If you wish to consult a lawyer, simply click on the “consult an expert” tab, select “talk to a lawyer” on the drop-down menu and book an appointment. You’ll be connected to a legal expert within the set timeframe, it is that simple.


How can I get free legal advice in India?

In India, you can seek free legal advice from legal aid clinics, NGOs, and online platforms that offer pro bono services. Additionally, some government-sponsored initiatives provide free legal assistance to those in need.

How can I talk to a lawyer online for free in India?

There are various online platforms in India that offer free legal consultations. Websites like Vakilsearch provide opportunities to connect with lawyers for initial advice at no cost.

What is the free legal helpline number in India?

The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) in India operates a toll-free helpline number - 15100. This helpline provides free legal aid and assistance to individuals in need.

How do I hire an advocate in India?

To hire an advocate in India, you can start by identifying a qualified lawyer with expertise in the relevant area of law. You can contact local bar associations, and legal directories, or utilize online platforms like Vakilsearch to find and engage a suitable advocate.

Are there any mobile apps for free legal consultations in India?

Yes, there are mobile apps available in India that offer free legal consultations. Apps like Vakilsearch have features that allow users to connect with lawyers for advice at no charge.

Can I get free legal assistance for criminal cases in India?

Yes, individuals facing criminal charges in India are entitled to free legal aid under the Constitution. This service is provided by legal aid authorities and can be accessed through local legal aid clinics.

Is there a specific income threshold to qualify for free legal aid in India?

Yes, there are income thresholds to qualify for free legal aid in India. The exact criteria may vary depending on the state or union territory, but generally, individuals falling below a specified income level are eligible for free legal assistance.

How can I find pro bono lawyers in India for my case?

To find pro bono lawyers in India, you can contact legal aid organizations, NGOs, and bar associations. They often have lists of lawyers who are willing to provide their services for free in certain cases.

Can I get free legal advice for civil disputes in India?

Yes, individuals involved in civil disputes in India can seek free legal advice from legal aid clinics, NGOs, and online platforms that offer pro bono services. Government-sponsored legal aid programs also provide assistance for civil matters.

Are there any online legal clinics in India offering free consultations?

Yes, there are online legal clinics in India that offer free consultations. Platforms like Vakilsearch provide opportunities for users to connect with lawyers for advice without any charge.

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