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What is the Difference Between a Law Consultant and a Lawyer?

If you're confused between a lawyer and a law consultant and want to know the difference between them, read the articleand decide which is a better option for you!

Lawyers and Legal Consultants are people who help you with your legal issues. If you are stuck in some legal issue and want to go for any legal procedure you might need help from a lawyer or a legal consultant.

Both of these positions are different and have different roles and responsibilities. If you want to know which one of these is suitable for your case, you can read this article to know the differences between lawyers and legal consultants. 

What Is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a professional who helps people with legal problems. They may work for a law firm, government agency, or private practice. Talking to Lawyers can do things like represent people in court, help them write legal documents, or advise them on legal issues.

A lawyer represents another person in a legal matter. They may also work on behalf of clients in administrative proceedings.

A lawyer can be defined as someone who has been admitted to practice law in a state or country. A lawyer must have completed an educational program, passed the exam and paid the required fees. In addition, lawyers are licensed by their respective states and this license must be renewed every few years.

What Is a Law Consultant?

A Law Consultant is a person who has the ability to advise on legal matters. He can advise you on your rights, duties and liabilities. He will also help you in drafting contracts, wills and any other documents that are related to your case. The job of the Legal Advisor is very important as he helps in ensuring that all laws are followed by all parties involved in a matter.

He/she helps you to solve your legal problems. They must act in accordance with the law and can only advise on your case. The legal advisor may or may not be a lawyer, so it is important that you ask them what qualifications they have before accepting their appointment as your legal advisor.

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The Difference Between a Lawyer and a Law Consultant 

There is a difference between a lawyer and a law consultant. A lawyer is one who practices law in courts of law, whereas a consultant helps to solve legal problems by providing consultation services. 

Here are some important differences between a lawyer and a Law consultant:

  • The major difference between Lawyers and Consultants is that only Lawyers are allowed to represent their clients in court. A consultant cannot appear before courts as a representative or fight cases. 
  • A lawyer is usually more qualified than a consultant and has completed a rigorous degree and attained a license for practicing as a lawyer.
  • A lawyer can also work as a consultant but a consultant cannot work as a lawyer. 
  • Law Consultants are usually more affordable economically and are suitable for businesses and Legal document handling.
  • Lawyers can work for a wide variety of people and in different environments,  whereas, law consultants can work only up to a certain level and have restrictions. 
  •  Lawyers usually have better communication and argumentative skills whereas Law Consultants are better listeners and can explain better. 
  • Being a law consultant usually doesn’t require any specific qualifications and is based on experience and skills. 

Both Lawyers and Consultants have the legal knowledge and can help you understand the process and complications of legal matters. However, if you are painting to take any case to court then you must hire a lawyer as they will be eligible to represent you in court and they will also provide legal advice. 

If you just want your documents to be checked and need legal advice about some situation then a law consultant is the right choice for you. It will be more affordable and you will get the service you need. Before hiring a lawyer or a law consultant, analyze your situation and decide what service you need and how much are you willing to pay for it. 

If you decide to hire a legal consultant you can contact vakilsearch. They have a team of experienced lawyers and legal consultants. You will be guided through the process and they will explain to you what steps you can take to get the best solution for all your legal needs. 

There are many benefits of working with a law consultant such as: 

  • They help you find out what is required from your side.
  • Advise on how to go about things.
  • Give the right advice and support so that you can get the desired results without any problems or complications later.
  • A law consultant will also help you with document handling. 
  • Having a legal consultant for your business will also help you avoid any legal problems that might arise.
  • Legal consultants are more affordable than hiring a full-time lawyer, so if a law consultant can solve your problems you can save a lot of money.

If you are planning to hire a Law consultant or advisor, vakilsearch can be a good option for you. They are a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who have been practicing in this field for many years now. Vakilsearch offers you a wide range of services that will help you with all your legal problems, from filing cases against individuals or companies to negotiating settlements.


Dealing with legal issues can be scary and confusing sometimes. That’s why you need help from professionals and experts who know what they are talking about. Lawyers and legal consultants can help you with any legal issues you might be going through in your personal or professional life. But what is the difference between a lawyer and a legal consultant and which one should you hire for your situation?

In this article, we answered that question and told you all about the functions, responsibilities and differences between a lawyer and a legal consultant so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer or a legal consultant you can contact VakilsearchTheir team of experts will guide you through various legal procedures ranging from matrimonial issues to property issues. The team of lawyers will provide you with genuine suggestions that work best for your case.

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