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Online Legal Advice in India: What Indians Should Know

You might need online legal advice in India for family or property-related matters or personal or official issues. Earlier, we used to consult a lawyer or attorney at their chamber to discuss our legal problems and get the required legal aid. It was a traditional model which Indians followed.

The Indian law system is different from other countries because, as opposed to the traditional times, now there are many online legal advice portals available in India. New legal start-ups are coming with some advanced technological tools every year. Even people can choose the legal advice portal for Indians to get their legal advice free. 

Services and goods available free of cost can give you a demonstration of the original product and services, but you cannot expect a lawyer to attend your court hearings free of cost. Now, you do not need to wait hours in a lawyer’s chamber to meet them physically to discuss your legal problems, and you can consult a lawyer or legal advisor online to discuss your legal issues instantly. 

There are some problems that you can face when you choose such legal portals. You need to discuss your confidential legal issue and related problems, and your information can be visible online if you seek free legal advice from such legal portals. Apart from that, cybercriminals can hack such sites and steal your information. So, make sure you must choose the legal advice portal for Indians, which is safe and secure. You can check their privacy policy before you disclose your information on their website and avail of their paid services, where you do not need to discuss your legal problems on an open forum.

Factors To Consider While You Choose a Legal Advice Portal in India

There are many legal portals available in India where you can find free legal services, and you can consult a lawyer initially without paying any consultation fees. But you must consider the following things before you choose a legal advice portal: 

  • Brand and reputation: You must choose a legal advice portal in India where experienced lawyers are listed and available. You can find some legal advice portals online which are trustworthy and provide good quality services. 
  • Easy to navigate: You should not choose a legal advice portal in India which is designed with a complex layout, as you cannot even find their lawyers on their website or the first or second pages. You must choose a portal which is easy to access. For example, you can find some online legal portals where lawyers with their specialisations are listed on the first page. You just need to provide minimum details like your name, email and phone number to connect with a lawyer. 
  • Practical: You may think free legal portals cannot provide the best services because they cannot change anything. But you can find some legal advice portals in India where practical legal advice is offered by the best layers free of cost. They can provide an initial consultation free of cost, and you need to pay a certain amount as legal fees if you hire their lawyer from their portal. 
  • Specialisations: You cannot hire a family lawyer with specialisation and experience in divorce cases for your businesses. Legal and medical professionals can provide their services based on their specialisations. For example, doctors must have an MBBS degree to practice, and a lawyer should have an LLB or BA-LLB degree to practice. But a cardiac surgeon cannot conduct eye surgery; similarly, a divorce lawyer cannot provide the best legal aid for your business. So, you must choose a legal advice portal where lawyers from different specialisations and domains are available.

Why Would You Choose an Online Legal Advice Portal For Your Business In India?

Suppose you want to set up a new business. In that case, you need to register your company, and you can register your company as a proprietorship business, private limited, limited company or LLC. You can hire a business attorney to prepare your documents and complete your company registration process. 

Once you register a company as LLC, corporation, or NGO, you will need to abide by the tax filing rules based on the nature of your company. So, you can choose an online legal advice portal where such services are available, and you can save your cost to a great extent by registering your company in a virtual model. 

There are also some legal advice portals available where you can find business lawyers and tax professionals. They can manage all your business needs regarding tax filing, GST filing and company registration. Even if you face any legal issue in your business, you can simply connect with your legal advisor through the same portal, and your problems will be addressed in a few minutes. 

Why Would You Choose the Legal Advice Portal For Indians?

You can seek legal advice online to save time. Visiting a lawyer’s chamber frequently to discuss your cases can ruin your days, and you cannot concentrate on your work. You have to pay the fees to your lawyer, and if you cannot run your business smoothly or attend your office on time, you cannot afford to pay their fees on time. To avoid such hassles, you can simply go for an online consultation through a legal advice portal and save your time by discussing your case with a lawyer in virtual mode. 

You cannot afford to delay your cases if you have been charged with a severe case. For example, you can face jail or police custody under the sections of criminal laws in India. In this case, you need to appoint a lawyer in no time, and you can hire a lawyer online through the legal advice portal for Indians. It is suggested that you do not confess and give any statement to the police if you are arrested, and always give your statement during police custody based on the suggestion of a competent lawyer or attorney.  


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