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Company Registration in Netherland

What Is the Cost of Setting up a Company in the Netherlands?

Starting a business in the Netherlands is a great way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the country's tax benefits. Find out what is the cost of setting up a company in the Netherlands.

How to Register a Company in the Netherlands

Establishing a company in the Netherlands is tricky and time-consuming. The first step is to become a local Chamber of Commerce member. This will cost around $3,000 to complete. You will have three months from the time you register to comply with all other Dutch regulations. These include paying taxes and registering for social security.

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The Cost of Incorporating a Standard BV in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the cost of incorporating a standard BV is around €1500. (ex VAT). This incorporation includes standard articles of association that have been translated into English.

The Cost of Incorporating NV in the Netherlands

The cost of incorporation with NV ranges from €1800 to €3100. (ex VAT). This incorporation includes standard articles of association that have been translated into English.

The Cost of Incorporating a CV in the Netherlands

The cost of incorporating a CV in The Netherlands is €1250.00 (ex VAT). This incorporation comes with English-translated standard articles of association.

Local Business Costs

Netherlands have a population of 17.8 million people. This means that there are many local businesses and competition to get your own business off the ground. Local business costs include commercial rent, transportation costs, labour expenses, insurance for property and liability, as well as other expenses like taxes. One should take all these into considerations before opting to start a business in the Netherlands.

Legal Fees

The Dutch government has imposed several legal obligations on entrepreneurs. One mandatory requirement is registering for company and personal taxes with the Dutch Tax Administration. This is €799. 

Other start-up costs include:

  • A €50 appointment with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Setting up business accounts (approximately €500)
  • Incorporating goods and services tax numbers (approximately €100).

Start-up Expenses

The cost of registering your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is one of the start-up costs in the Netherlands. This is approximately €50. You can also register your company as a limited liability company or a cooperative. There are various types of registration: single registration, which includes social security and employee benefits.

Taxes and Duties

Taxes and duties make up a large part of starting a business in the Netherlands. 15% Taxes are collected on taxable income. Also, a minimum wage requirement must be met when hiring people. This amount varies depending on the age bracket of the employees but can be very costly for small businesses. Duties are also charged on imports and exports of goods. In some cases, these rates can reach as high as 25 percent.

Working Hours and Pay

The average workweek in the Netherlands is thirty-five hours, and residents are compensated for overtime at a time and a half. People who work forty hours are compensated for those hours with a premium for working longer. The minimum wage in the Netherlands is €2,959 per month.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is one of the costs which can be costly in the Netherlands. There are other options for basic coverage besides private medical insurance. One can, for example, join a Dutch fund (AOV) or use one’s own healthcare insurance provider while abroad.

Foreign Workers and Taxes

Foreign workers in the Netherlands are subject to higher taxes than residents. This could be why many business owners hire Dutch citizens rather than bringing in their own employees. Foreign workers must also contribute to the national unemployment insurance fund and contribute to social security. These contributions can quickly add up, especially for self-employed individuals.

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The government is a big fan of entrepreneurship. They provide subsidies, grants, and tax breaks to businesses in the Netherlands. To receive these benefits, you must apply as soon as possible while following all of the necessary steps. While starting a business in the Netherlands may be more expensive than in most other countries, this is offset by the country’s high standard of living and low crime rate.

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