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Benefits of Forming a Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a splendid place to do business and invest. It has a stable economy, low taxes, and free trade. The government of the Netherlands is a pro-business and pro-foreign investment. Another advantage is that the Netherlands has the world's 27th largest economy. Are you thinking about starting a new business in the Netherlands? Check out these reasons why you should start a business there!

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Legal Advantages

From a legal standpoint, forming a company in Netherlands is beneficial. The Dutch government has made it easy to establish and run a business and created many tax breaks for entrepreneurs. It provides a strong incentive for businesses to start operations in the Netherlands.

Tax Advantages

Forming a company in Dutch can benefit you in many ways. One of the most important benefits is the tax implications. A Dutch company has to pay a menial percentage of taxes on its profits after it distributes them to shareholders or other companies that are also established in the Netherlands. This is a great advantage for entrepreneurs who want to start a business but don’t know where to set up a company.

Corporate Advantages

A Dutch business provides a variety of benefits. You can take advantage of the lower taxes that come with being outside the EU. You will also be able to establish a flexible work schedule, which is not possible in other countries. Finally, you will have more legal protections for your business and property.

Advantages of Forming a Company in Dutch

There are several benefits of establishing a Dutch PLC:

  1. The Netherlands has a very low corporate tax rate in comparison to other European countries. For example, the US corporation tax is 35%, while in the Netherlands, it is just 19%
  2. At least 25% of all Dutch companies are listed on Euronext Amsterdam and NASDAQ
  3. Because of the low corporation tax rate and large companies, there is an abundance of funding available for entrepreneurs when they need it.

Advantages of Starting a Dutch Limited Company (BV)

When individuals, groups of people, and companies wish to set up a limited company, they can choose to do so in the Netherlands. Many advantages come along with this. These advantages include lower tax rates and other financial benefits. The Dutch limited company also has more rights over its assets than an individual or a group of people would have as individuals.

Employment Law Advantages

You’ll enjoy many employment law advantages if you want to set up a Dutch company. One of the benefits of starting a business in this country is the non-existence of anti-discrimination laws. The Netherlands also has flexible work hours and minimum wage requirements. Furthermore, there are no mandatory social security contributions for small businesses with less than five employees.


Environmental Protection Advantages

When establishing a Dutch company, there are many benefits for the environment. The most important is waste management. If a company creates a local branch in the Netherlands, the company can send its waste to recycling centers instead of other countries or landfills. This will also help protect the environment from landfill gas and the destructive consequences that come with it.

Cultural Diversity Advantage

Dutch culture is open and accepting of differences. This cultural diversity advantage has made the Netherlands a hub for international companies. The Dutch people are also known for their entrepreneurialism, with 38% of Dutch businesses starting in the last year.

Consumer Protection And Copyright Advantage

With the Netherlands being a signatory of both the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and the World Intellectual Property Organization, Dutch businesses are able to benefit from an international system that provides intellectual property rights. These rights protect foreign companies’ intellectual properties and also make it easier for consumers to shop in the country with confidence.


We covered the many benefits of establishing a Dutch business, including the ability to pay low corporate tax rates, a favorable business environment for starting or operating a business, and reliable access to water, electricity, and natural gas.

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