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Name Change

How to Obtain a Record of My Change of Name

changing your name after your marriage, divorce, or for good luck has become easier than before. Further, obtaining the record of a change of name is even easier. In this article, we will learn how to obtain a change of name record.

Changing names after marriage, post-divorce, or for good luck is a time-consuming process that consists of various formalities. But what risks us most is obtaining the record of the same. Moreover, our minds keep questioning the same: “How to obtain a record of my name change? Moreover, how is the name change record vital? We will learn in detail.

How Can We Obtain a Name Change Record

Even though the name change procedure is a tedious and lengthy process consisting of legal formalities, obtaining the name change record can also be time-consuming. However, now everything has become easy. How can we obtain a name change record? We will learn in detail. There are three ways you can try to change your name. You can either apply an affidavit through AD publication or by Gazette notification. But these processes can consume more time, and further, a question of their legitimacy cannot be avoided in the future. So, the most legitimate name change record can be obtained from the court.

This is because these days, identity theft cases are at their peak, and government security agencies like Social security and Homeland security are forced to accept anything but an individual’s legal name change record. Further, longing for a new name for an Individual is not a criminal or illegal offence. But if the name change record or procedure is not legitimate, then it can be misused by habitual offenders. 

Can the Name Change Record Be Replaced?

Yes, the legal name change record can be replaced in case of the need to do the same. For instance, if you have legally changed your name and want to make changes in the essential documents like your licence, social security number, or Aadhar, further in all your bank documents and other official documents. So when you legally obtain the name change record from the court. Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Apply for a new motor vehicle license

The old motor vehicle license might have your last name. So, apply for a new license once you obtain the name change record. Once you fill out the Department of Motor vehicles form and submit all the essential documents, including the name change record, you will receive a new license with your changed name. 

  • Next, apply to obtain the new Aadhaar with your new name

The next step is to change the old name in the Aadhaar. So, once you get the name change record, apply for correction of details in Aadhaar and submit your name change document. This way, you can avail a modified Aadhaar with your new name. 

  • After you get the new Aadhaar and Licence, you can easily change other official records

Once you get your Aadhar and Licence with a new name, you can easily change other official records of yours using these documents. The application for the same and availing of new official documents is easy. 

  • Get the court’s additional copies of the name change record by paying fees

Apart from getting copies of the name change record for applying for a licence and Aadhaar, if you want additional copies for future reference. You can obtain additional name change documents by paying an extra fee. However, the fee for obtaining additional copies of the name change record varies from state to court in each state. 

Thus, these are the steps you can follow while obtaining a legal name change record from the court. 

Why Is a Name Change Record Essential?

The name change online India record is necessary to prove that your last name has been changed into a new name. Moreover, the name change document is essential to get important documents. They are:

  • New Aadhaar

As a citizen of India, an individual must have an Aadhaar for themselves. Further, in case of a name change, you should ensure that your existing Aadhaar card details are verified and modified as per your needs. Further, the name change record will help you verify the name given in the Aadhaar and modify it by changing the old name to a new one. Applying for modification of the same by submitting a copy of the name change record will help you obtain a new Aadhaar.

  • Driving Licence

The following important document is the Driving licence for getting a valid licence in any state or country. Submitting all essential documents, including name change records if needed, is essential. For instance, if you want to change your name on the existing driving licence or apply for a new one, you can submit your name change record along with the licence application. 

  • For obtaining other essential documents like bank documents and birth certificates

A name change record is also essential for getting the bank documents and new birth certificate. All you need to do is apply for the bank documents, birth certificate, and a copy of the name change record. This will help you get your new name’s bank documents and birth certificate. 

  • After getting married

In India, changing the bride’s name after the marriage has become a tradition. For the same process, it is essential to submit the name change record as proof to make changes in all the essential documents after getting married. 

  • Based on religious beliefs

There are many instances where individuals wish to add or reduce a letter in their name based on their religious beliefs. In such cases, they can obtain the name change record of adding or reducing a letter of your name. Moreover, this will help you validate your essential documents with your new name and not hurt your religious sentiments. 

  • After Divorce

Similar to the name change of the bride after marriage, many women wish to get back their maiden surname. For the same, they can apply and avail of the change of Name record and get back their maiden surname. 

  • Change of Gender

Another important aspect where the name change record can be used is when an individual wish to change their gender. Further, having a legal name change record can help them focus on the other steps of the procedure.


Overall, the name change record is an essential document that an individual should obtain if they wish to change their name from their previous name. Moreover, obtaining a legally correct name change record from the court is ideal rather than the ones obtained through shortcuts. Lastly, you can hire a professional from legal firms like Vakilsearch who can help you understand the legality of obtaining a name change record.

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