What is Gender Recognition Certificate?

The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 is a gateway for transsexual individuals to apply for and get a gender recognition certificate. In India, there is a portal through which transgender people can apply for and receive their certificates. It is online and hassle-free.

A gender recognition certificate, as the name says, is a document about the gender of a person. It implies that the person has fulfilled all the criteria for inclusion and recognition within a certain gender. In India, there is a portal that the minister for Social Justice and Empowerment launched. From here, the transgender people can upload their documents and affidavits and update their gender identity papers to get the gender recognition certificate that the district magistrate approves later. In many other countries, the act allows people with gender dysphoria proper legal recognition. 

As per the protocols maintained in India, change of gender is comparatively a new concept that has evolved over the years. The National portal that we have was developed around the new notification given around September 2020 is a fine way to encourage a transgender person who can apply for a certificate and, thereafter, an identity card even if the location varies from one state to another or one city to another. The portal has a benefit. With this, the transgender person does not need to travel from one place to another.

Meaning of Gender Recognition Certificate

The concept of gender dysphoria certificate india considers a few points, and while going for a gender recognition certificate, the idea of dysphoria is important:

  • It indicates the uneasiness or discomfort that a person might experience because there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. The causes and the features of non-binary are refuted by the fact that people should be allowed to live in the way they like to and use the preferred mode of gender inclusion. 
  • There is also something called the gender identity service that has various therapeutic, hormonal, and counseling services that help people belonging to the non-definitive forms of gender. There is proper analysis and coordination through care and communication. 

If there is a change in the gender dysphoria certificate that is needed, then as per the tenets followed by the Indian Law, certain provisions are there which say that after the declaration of the certificate under sub-section 1 of section 6, a transgender person may also apply for changing the gender to either a male or a female. The CMO of the concerned hospital sends the revised medical certificate to the District Magistrate’s office. Hence, if a person has already been issued a certificate under the clauses of section 6, then under the premises of subsection 2, the person can apply for a revised gender recognition certificate.

Operations of Law for Gender Recognition Act, 2004 

the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 is one of the most effective measures to protect transsexual individuals against socio-political harassment and injustice, and it also ensures their right to live and freedom. No one can tamper with any information related to them, and this act allows people with gender dysphoria to alter their legal gender. 

The gender recognition panel usually consists of eminent doctors and legal experts. They go through all the papers submitted, and after close scrutiny of the documents submitted, they can opt for giving the certificates as required. 

In India, the Transgender Persons and protection of their rights Act of 2019 is a remarkable one that was certified via the Parliament of the country. The act is said to harness the rights of transgender people and contribute to their welfare so that they are no longer victims of social or economic injustice. The act was initially introduced as part of the Lok Sabha around July 2019. Although there was much hue and cry, protests and support for the system, it contributed to the overall development of the transgender people. As part of the major paperwork, there is also the need for a certificate from a registered medical practitioner, an endocrinologist and a psychiatrist who can talk to the transsexual people, understand their problems, and then facilitate the process of acquiring a gender recognition certificate.  

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What is the Legislative Process Involved?

If there is a need for procuring a gender recognition certificate, then one can follow the given points: 

  • If one is 18 years of age and above, one can apply for the certificate. 
  • The major documents are the registers of birth, adopted children register (if any), register of intercountry adoption and if within the precincts of a foreign birth register. 
  • In India, the application to obtain a gender recognition certificate must be accompanied by an affidavit, an application form, and a report from a psychiatrist. 
  • Under all the rules that are prescribed as per the Indian law, if the transgender people wish to apply for their transgender certificate and wait for around one year, during this timeframe, there should not be any disturbance or social ostracisation meted out to them. 

The Concerns in Marriages and Civil Partnerships

When there was the generation of the gender recognition certificate and change of gender issues or cases of revised gender, then this also called for certain complications that might arise in case of marriage, child rights, marital partnerships, separation, divorce, and alimony. 

In India, one of the most exemplary judgments in this regard was given by the Madras High Court in 2019, when it used the word ‘bride’ under Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act and reiterated that this meant the transgender persons as well. After this iconic verdict, the word ‘bride’ came not to be restricted to the sphere of recognising a woman for marriage only. The LGBTQ rights, the NALSA judgment, and the Navtej Singh Johar judgment were also integral in recognizing the bride from amongst the transgender people. The court gave the verdict that the right was already been existent in the marriage between the transgender people, and hence, the law was going to benefit them in any case. 

The cases of transgender marriages vary from country to country, like in the United Kingdom, the USA and New Zealand. 


A gender recognition certificate is one of those steps that has given multiple benefits to transsexual people. If there is a sex reassignment surgery, then also needs to submit the revised application for the same to the District Magistrate only. For any more information, one can search through some reliable websites like Vakilsearch to get the best details about gender recognition certificates.

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