Domicile Certificate Punjab

In this post, we have penned everything an individual needs to know about Domicile Certificate Punjab. Continue reading to learn more about the same.

A domicile certificate is documentation of an individual’s place of abode issued by the Punjab State Government. This credential comes with several advantages. Many recruiters and educational institutions have set specific requirements for applicants to meet in order to be admitted to their institution or employment. The necessity of an applicant’s domicile certificate is one such prerequisite. 

The institution reserves seats based on the applicant’s residence status. Similarly, recruiters favour local applicants, and many institutions issue loans to candidates based on such certifications. 

If you are from Punjab, you may obtain this official document easily because the Punjab State Government offers online as well as offline services for the purpose. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Domicile Certificate Punjab.

Domicile: Types

The following are the most common types of domiciles:

  • Domicile by Birth

It applies to those individuals who are born in a certain region or state and have a residence there. This is valid until the individual chooses to permanently relocate elsewhere. Most people keep their birthplace, even if they relocate for career or educational reasons.

  • Domicile of Independence

This denotes the domiciles of children or spouses when they inherit them from their husbands or parents.

  • Domicile by Choice

After establishing residency in another nation, an individual may apply for a domicile of their choosing.

Domicile Certificate: Purpose

A Punjab domicile certificate serves the following functions:

  • It is required for citizens’ legalised rights and freedoms.
  • When acquiring any property, such as a house or land, a domicile certificate is necessary.
  • It is required for the application of KYC papers such as Aadhaar, PAN, and Voter card.
  • A domicile certificate is required for students applying to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.
  • It is necessary for the registration of new vehicles.
  • Individuals must present a domicile certificate as proof of residential address when applying for a loan.
  • Certificates of state verification of residency are required for the establishment of enterprises.
  • A certificate of domicile is required for medical practitioners to be registered.

Domicile Certificate Punjab: Eligibility Criteria

Individuals must review the qualifying criteria before filing for a domicile certificate to prevent problems.

  • The parents of the candidate should be permanent residents of Punjab.


  • The candidate must have lived in Punjab for a minimum of three years.
  • Candidates must possess property in Punjab, such as land or a house.
  • The candidate’s name must be on the list of registered voters.
  • After marriage, female candidates are able to apply for a residence certificate.

Obtaining Domicile Certificate Punjab: Procedure

You can obtain a Punjab Domicile Certificate in person or can apply online. Read on to know the procedure for obtaining Punjab Domicile Certificate:

In-Person Application:

  • Applicants must apply in person at the tehsildar at the revenue department office with the papers stated in the needed documents session.
  • Please proceed to the appropriate office. Submit the completed application acquired from the office or the form downloaded from the link: Application and documentation.
  • After reviewing the accompanying papers and details, the authorities will make entries and assign you a record number for future reference.
  • This application will be verified by the appropriate authorities in accordance with the instructions.
  • The documents and facts given will be verified and scrutinised on the ground.
  • Once the verification is complete, these authorities will submit their report to the appropriate DC, who will make a decision and award the certificate to the applicant.
  • After proper verification, the applicant will receive the certificate in 15 days.

Online Application:

  • Go to the official website of the Punjab Government.
  • Finish the account registration process (for new candidates).
  • You need to sign in to your account.
  • Select “Domicile Certificate” from the “Services” menu to be redirected to the application page.
  • You need to fill out all of the application form’s fields and submit them.

After analysing the information, the domicile certificate will be provided. In addition, applicants will be given an acknowledgement number that will allow them to download a domicile certificate.

Punjab Domicile Certificate: Documents Required

The following is a common list of documents required for a Punjab domicile certificate. Let us get straight into it.

For Identification:

For Residential Proof:

  • Utility bills like electricity, telephone (landline or postpaid), and so on
  • Rent agreement or any other similar document
  • Bank passbook

Additional Documents:

  • Two passport-size photos
  • The application form together with self-declaration
  • Birth certificate
  • Affidavit from Tahsildar or court
  • School leaving certificate

Fill out the form completely and attach the above-mentioned papers before submitting it. Applicants must also have their applications validated by a gazetted officer.

Individuals may also check the status of their domicile certificate online by going to the official website of the Punjab state government. Furthermore, a domicile certificate is valid for life until an individual transfers to another State or Union Territory.

Affidavit for Domicile Certificate Punjab: How to Do It?

Affidavits are significant documents that must be attested with other relevant documents. Follow the steps outlined below to get the affidavit in the Punjab domicile certificate:

  • The affidavit must be well-drafted, with no overwriting.
  • It must be printed on stamp paper of the appropriate denomination.
  • The paper must be signed by the individual making an affidavit.
  • It must be witnessed by an advocate SEM or a notary public.

Important Things to Know about Punjab Domicile Certificate

  • Because the service for obtaining a Domicile Certificate is totally free, you are not required to pay any service or processing fees.
  • The entire procedure will take around seven working days, and if the domicile certificate is not accessible within this time frame, you should make a personal enquiry at either the Revenue Department office or Tehsil. 
  • Because the certificate is valid for life, you do not need to apply for it again or renew it on a regular basis.
  • Once the officials receive the report, Domicile Certificates are handled to the applicants within three working days.


So, here is everything you need to know about Punjab Domicile Certificate. If you don’t have a properly issued Domicile Certificate Punjab, you will be unable to take advantage of several unique privileges offered by the Punjab State Government.

If you want to learn more about Domicile Certificate Punjab, you can freely contact the legal experts at Vakilsearch at any time of the day. We are ever-ready to help you out.

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